If you have ceased to enjoy sex, your intimate life has ceased to be rich and bright, and orgasm no longer delivers the former joy and pleasure, to take Suhagra is exactly what you need! A new and inexpensive drug is an effective way to restore potency and erection for a short period of time!

The reception of Suhagra has a lot of undeniable advantages. In addition to the beneficial effects of the drug on the body of men, it is easily tolerated, has a minimum of side effects and contraindications, and is able to normalize the vital activity of the genitals quickly.

Suhagra is a new branded product, a registered trademark of the Indian company “Cipla.” The drug is reliable and safe, which is confirmed by the presence of an official permit for sales in the United States. This is another exact copy of the original Viagra – a well-known remedy for the treatment of erectile disorders. Viagra is identical to the effectiveness and quality of the new drug. Despite the fact that it has been very little time since its release on sale, cheap Suhagra has already gained great popularity in the world market. This is a great chance to buy a branded product from a well-known manufacturer at a low price compared to Viagra.


The action and properties of Suhagra are determined by the properties and mechanism of action of the active substance of Sildenafil. It affects the cavernous bodies of the penis and arterioles, relaxing and expanding them. However, Sildenafil increases blood flow, which freely fills the dilated vessels of the penis. The result of Sildenafil is a powerful erection. It manifests itself only in sexual arousal, just as it does in natural conditions.

The action of the active substances is not finished. It inhibits the production of the chemical PDE-5. It compresses the vessels after sexual intercourse and promotes the outflow of blood from them. As a result, the erection becomes longer. You should take Suhagra within 30-60 minutes before sexual intimacy. It is valid for approximately four hours. It is taken one time per day.


Viagra can be regarded as a generic Viagra since the drug is 100% identical to it, and not only the active substance, properties, and effectiveness, but also the form of release and dosage. The drug is available in pills with the maximum permissible content of active substance-100 mg. If you decide to order dried fruit, and the amount of active substance is too large, then just break the pill into pieces.

The action of Suhagra is aimed at:

increase of the level of desire and excitement of the partner;

activation of blood flow to the penis;

maintaining an erection at its normal level;

elimination of discomfort at the beginning of intimacy;

elimination of any manifestations of erectile dysfunction;

increase of the brightness and power of orgasm;

treatment of impotence;

Due to the regular intake of Suhagra in the body of a man, it begins to activate the daily blood flow to the penis, so that the erection occurs completely unhindered. However, this process cannot be called arbitrary. The action of Suhagra is aimed at strengthening, rather than replacing the natural occurrence of sexual desire. Producing ocytocin (a hormone that normalizes the stimulation of romantic feelings and cravings) in the brain cells, Viagra acts only in the case of stimulation of the genitals.

You should note that you can get Sildenafil (Suhagra) not only with erectile dysfunction. Healthy men can use the drug to prolong sexual intercourse and enhance erections weakened by stress or fatigue. You can get Sildenafil (Suhagra) online as an additional drug in the complex therapy of infertility or prostatitis.

The stimulating effect of Suhagra increases sexual activity, resulting in a man’s reduced swelling of the prostate tissue. Doctors advise to take Suhagra in online drugstore “top drugs canadian” to men which are 18 years old. Before starting treatment, it is necessary to undergo a professional medical examination by a specialist.


Suhagra is used in case of a violation of erectile function by men who have reached the age of 18 years. Small doses of the drug can be used to improve the quality of an erection and for preventive purposes.


If you have chosen Suhagra to improve the potency, which you can buy without a prescription in an online pharmacy, then, first of all, read the instructions carefully. There are a number of contraindications for its reception:

age under 18;

in case of leukemia, bladder atony, convulsive syndrome, prostate hypoplasia, pigment retinitis, glaucoma, myeloma, angina,

it is strictly contradicted to take the drug if you have had a stroke or myocardial infarction less than six months;

you can’t combine the drug with nitrates, phenytoin, antibiotics, tryptophan, lithium, beta-blockers, nitric oxide donators;

the reception of Suhagra is recommended only to men.


The manifestation of side effects is observed in rare cases. Most often, it is a change in blood pressure upward or downward, blood flushes to the face and upper body, headaches and dizziness, photosensitivity and inadequate perception of color, nausea, diarrhea, and some others. If they occur, you need to consult a doctor urgently.

Special attention should be paid to the temporary duration of the erection. If a man’s erection lasts longer than four hours after taking the pill, it is worth visiting a specialist for advice.

Obvious medical care may also be needed in the case of:

distortions of the visual visibility;

sudden loss of hearing or vision;

the occurrence of noise or clang in the ears;

disorders of the heart, kidneys, liver;

increase in blood pressure;

swelling of the ankles, feet;



The same side effects that are described above, but more pronounced, may appear in case of the overdose of Suhagra. It is necessary to call a doctor without delay. The doctor will do gastric lavage, relieve intoxication, prescribe treatment. If you want to avoid such situations, you need to choose the optimal dose of the drug together with your doctor.