Brand Levitra

In order to maintain self-confidence and feel solid ground and joy from what is happening around, live fully, and receive and give positive emotions to their relatives and friends, men must be sure that they have a normal sexual life. If they don’t, the rest of the world will gradually collapse, and their life will turn into a nightmare. To help the strong half of humanity maintain harmony in life, modern pharmacists produce a number of special drugs that successfully cope with violations in the male sexual sphere. And one of them is Brand Levitra.

Levitra is being sold in many countries. Today, men around the world have an opportunity to get Levitra brand. Since its appearance on the international market, it gained wide popularity. As you know, such a demand is no coincidence. This drug has excellent properties.

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction and want to add self-confidence to romantic situations or just dream of upgrading sex with your beloved with the new and unknown feelings, you should take Levitra brand online.


So that you can imagine what opportunities the drug offers, what properties it has, and what rules must be observed when using it, we will tell you about it on this page.


This medication appeared a little later than the drugs of the same action (Viagra and Cialis). Of course, its formula has become more advanced. Vardenafil was intended for vasodilation. But the discovered opportunities of erection enhancement led to the creation of a drug for erectile dysfunction. Vardenafil entered its composition as an active substance. The development company of Vardenafil is Bayer AG (Germany). In record time, cheap Levitra brand sales spread around the world. The reason for this was not only the high demand for such funds in the modern world but also excellent properties and high efficiency.


If you want to be absolutely sure that the medicine will cause the desired effect, you should definitely get Levitra brand in our online drugstore By the time of its development, the flaws of Viagra and Cialis were clearly visible, taken into account, and fixed. That is why it is more effective in all situations and for any erectile dysfunction (regardless of the cause). There are cases when Cialis and Viagra remain powerless, or their effectiveness is not as high as we would like. The new unique drug with Vardenafil comes to the rescue. Its main action is aimed at:

increase of erection;

enhanced genital sensitivity;

increased intensity and brightness of sensations.

The benefits of Vardenafil over Sildenafil (Viagra) and Tadalafil (Cialis) are:

a shorter list of contraindications;

better tolerance, which means rare side effects;

the optimal period of action is 6-8 hours. You must agree that 3-4 hours (Viagra) is still not enough to get maximum pleasure, and 36-48 hours (Cialis) is not always necessary;

compatibility with alcohol (in this regard, it is safer than Cialis. Viagra is generally incompatible with alcohol);

compatibility with food intake (food reduces efficiency less than in the case of Cialis. Viagra also shouldn’t be mixed with food). The opportunity to drink a few glasses of wine and have a delicious dinner before sex is an advantage that can hardly be overestimated. But keep in mind that large doses of strong alcoholic beverages can create a very unpleasant situation and become a threat to your health.

The action of Vardenafil begins much faster than that of Viagra – in 20-30 minutes.

Such serious advantages of Vardenafil led to the fact that many men appreciated an opportunity to take Levitra online.


Vardenafil, as well as Tadalafil and Sildenafil, is a type 5 phosphodiesterase inhibitor. What is this substance? This is an enzyme that increases the tone of blood vessels in the human body. The action of active substance is focused on two processes:

it activates the action of nitric oxide, which relaxes blood vessels, as a result of which they fill with a large volume of blood. Erection becomes hard;

it delays the production of type 5 phosphodiesterase (PDE-5), the action of which is aimed at narrowing the blood vessels and bringing the penis into a sluggish state, as a result of which erection and sexual intercourse last longer.

It should be noted that genitalia strained from a large amount of blood become more sensitive, intimacy gives more pleasure, and orgasm lasts longer.

If you decide to buy drugs with Vardenafil, remember that its effect will begin only when you experience sexual arousal (i.e., during an intimate caress). Therefore, the fact that erection arises on its own is an unfounded myth.

The drug is easily absorbed and doesn’t cause side effects (apart from exceptional cases). Therefore, people who don’t suffer from sexual dysfunction and just want to improve the quality of sex and get new impressions can get Levitra. Only in such cases, a smaller dosage should be used.


Levitra brand should be purchased by all men who have problems with erection (regardless of their age). Treatment with Levitra should be based on the concentration of the drug per day; the maximum dose shouldn’t exceed 20 mg. The effect of the drug can be observed within 30 minutes after taking a pill. The total effect of the drug lasts for 12 hours.


Side effects are extremely rare if you take the medication properly. But in order to be fully armed, you should know the enemy. What should be taken into consideration, and when you have to consult the doctor immediately? In the case of dizziness, headache, indigestion, swelling of the nasal mucosa, and blood flow to the face. Most often, side effects are observed in case of the violation of treatment rules. Generics of Cialis give fewer side effects compared to the generics of Viagra. However, brand Levitra is a record holder for the rare manifestations of adverse effects.