What Happened To 'Love Island's' Kyra Green After The Show? (2024)

Kyra Green participated in the first season of Love Island USA. This love competition starts off with five attractive young females and males who enter the prestigious accommodation called "The Villa." These 10 contestants all enter the show looking for their match and, of course, hope to win the $100,000 prize at the end of the show. The show was filmed on the tropical island of Fiji. The location was romantic, fun, and hot. All it needed was the Islanders to make things perfect.

Love Island is a show known for things going from 1 to 100, and that's exactly what happened from day one on Kyra Green's season; The five single men had the opportunity to pair with the woman they thought was cool and could vibe with. Kyra Green was not among the five women that first entered the villa, however when she did enter, things got more than just complicated... they got messy.

Updated on January 11, 2023: Kyra Green has been loving single life in 2022. She has been spending time with her family, booking modeling gigs, and further exploring herself and her sexuality. Green is currently focusing on her career as an influencer and working with her marketing team to book sponsored ads and modeling work.

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8 Kyra Green Entered Love Island On Day 2

No matter which Love Island version you are watching, there are bound to be some love triangles, heartbreak, and lots of drama. When Kyra Green entered Love Island: USA, that's exactly what happened. Kyra took the show seriously and was determined to find love.

Her first love interest was Cashel Barnett. Cashel was one of the five men who entered on day one and become interested in pursuing Kyra. Cashel was already paired with Caro Viehweg, but he wanted to explore things with Kyra, and he did just that.

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7 Kyra Green 'Stole' Cashel Barnett From Caro

It seemed like the interest was mutual as Kyra Green made her way into Cashel's heart, and he took the decision to break things off with Caro. Kyra ultimately stole Cashel from Caro, leaving her unpaired. Once the couple started to get to know each other, their relationship started blossoming. Unfortunately, trouble in paradise came quicker than expected for the two Love Islanders.

6 Kyra Green Dumps Cashel Barnett For Eric Hall

Being dumped on any version of Love Island is bound to happen. Many fans loved the Kyra and Cashel duo, and they really believed they would make it to the end. However, things got complicated mid-way through the season when Eric Hall walked into the villa. Kyra dumped Cashel for the new tattooed Islander.

5 Did Kyra Green Regret Her Decision?

Uncertainty, confusion, and messy love triangles soon became a reality for Kyra and all parties involved. This resulted in Cashel Barnett leaving the show, and Kyra's romance with Eric ending before it really even started. Kyra Green's journey didn't end there, though. Kyra tried her best to win Cashel back with a phone call.

4 Kyra Green And Cashel Barnett Reconnected

What Happened To 'Love Island's' Kyra Green After The Show? (1)

After the show ended, Kyra Green and Cashel Barnett did break up, then got back together again. Evidently, it seemed like the couple had their fair share of ups and downs after the show ended. According to Kyra's Instagram, the two islanders got back together in 2019, and she confirmed it when a fan asked if the two were back together with a simple, "Yes."

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3 Kyra Green Ended Things With Cashel Barnett For Good

Kyra Green and Cashel Barnett made their break-up official in early 2020, and they both went their separate ways. Cashel discovered that Kyra unfollowed him on social media and stated, "We had a good go." He went on to state, "I think we're just in different places in our lives...I think she blocked my number, to be honest."

2 Kyra Green On The Bold And The Beautiful

After wrapping up Love Island, Kyra Green mentioned that she was potentially interested in pursuing a career in acting. She finally got her small moment of fame when she landed a part on the CBS series called The Bold and the Beautiful .

"I was so nervous since it was my first acting job since my Kidz Bop days when I was like, 10. I’ve always loved acting, so I’m excited to be getting back into it," Green stated in an interview with People. During her two episodes on the show, she played a model named Antonia.

1 Kyra Green Advocates For Black Lives Matter And LGBTQ Rights

During filming on Love Island, Kyra Green opened up about her sexuality and during a conversation with a fellow contestant, she stated, "When I moved out to L.A., I fell in love with a guy. A package delivery guy that my sister is really good friends with, actually. So I’ve been in love with both, but my first love was with a girl.”

Years later and the social media influencer continues to use her platform to advocate for the rights of the LGBTQ community, as well as for Black Lives Matter.

What Happened To 'Love Island's' Kyra Green After The Show? (2024)
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