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When it comes to racing, if you're on a slope then it comes down to who gravity favors most and that's who's in charge in Slope Racing 3D. You have entered what may or may not be an area of the Tron universe where you aren't encountering humanoid programs and the only thing that seems to draw attention is a 3D ball. The ball wants to reach the bottom of the slope even if there is no bottom and you have to help it achieve its dream. While gravity may be doing most of the work, you're the one with most of the control.

About Slope Racing 3D

A rolling ball is a basic concept to base a game on but many titles have done it with quite a significant amount of success. This game seeks to join their ranks since it's got the ball, it's got the rolling, and it's got the ball rolling. You're along for the ride as you follow this ball down an endless slope and do your best to keep it out of danger. The challenge ramps up as you go down the numerous randomized ramps. It can get some excitement flowing as paths narrow and more obstacles show up, but you need to remember to keep your eye on the ball.

How to Play

Slope Racing 3D is a 3D endless runner about a ball rolling down a slope with the help of the mouse and keyboard. You can steer the ball left and right by using the A/Left Arrow and D/Right Arrow keys respectively. You also have access to power-ups that will show up on the right side of the screen that you can select and use with the cursor and Left Mouse Button. The goal is to roll the ball as long and as far down as possible, collecting as many gems as you can along the way.

The ball will automatically roll down the slope and you just need to steer it. It will maintain a constant pace but can be boosted by the yellow boost pads that will appear on the track. The only collectibles are gems which you can grab by rolling the ball into them. The track will change as you roll such as becoming narrower, tilting back and forth, and having gaps that the ball can fall through. Aside from falling through holes or off the sides, there are red blocks that will destroy the ball on contact which will appear scattered across the track.

There are three available power-ups: Shield, Magnet, and Multiplier. The Shield will protect the ball from red blocks. The Magnet will let the ball collect gems from a distance. The Multiplier will improve your distance score. Power-ups can be bought from the shop on the main menu using gems, along with different skins for the ball.


There are only two buttons that you'll need to play the game from your keyboard:

  • Left Arrow/A/Q - Steer ball left
  • Right Arrow/D/E - Steer ball right

By doing this, you need to keep the ball on the borderless track while avoiding obstacles. Anything dangerous that appears in your way will bea noticeable red color. These objects can take the form of stationary or moving blocks as well as tunnels with red walls. If you hit any of these or fall off the sides, the run ends.

Tips and Tricks

The good thing is that you'll be able to see far down the slope so that you can know what to expect. Whenever there are boosters, focus on hitting them as they tend to indicate a large jump coming up. Don't try to get all the gems and focus on staying in the middle of the track.

Game Details

  • Platforms: Web Browser (PC and mobile)
  • Languages: English

Gameplay Footage


Is there an ending to Slope Racing 3D?

As an endless-runner, this game is designed to go on forever but you can consider it complete once you obtain all of the different skins.

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Game tags

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Slope Racing 3d 🕹️ Play Now on GamePix (2024)
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