Men of War 2: Starter Guide (2024)

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Whether you’re an RTS veteran or not, you should know that, without a proper guide and beginner tips,getting intoMen of War 2will be challenging.While it hasa longtutorial with rewards tied to its completion, there are many systems you will only learnby trial and error.And even then, in the thick of battle, it isnormalto still make a few mistakes.That’s why we’ve prepared the best pointers for beginners to get them and their troops going in the first hours of this game.

Table of contents

  • Men of War 2: A Beginner’s Guide
  • All Game Modes
    • Single-Player Modes
    • Multiplayer Modes
    • Tutorial
  • Your First Battle
  • Deploying Units
  • Moving Units and Issuing Orders
  • Direct Control
  • Men of War 2 FAQs
    • Can You Play Men of War 2 Offline?
    • Is There Co-Op in Men of War 2?
    • How Many Factions Are in Men of War 2?
    • Does Men of War 2 Have a Story?

Men of War 2: A Beginner’s Guide

For those who don’t know,Men of War 2is a sequel to the 2009 RTS gamecalledMen of War. It has a WWII setting and brings nations to choose from: Russia, the USA, and Germany. At first, one might compare it with other RTS games, but this one worksa bitdifferently. Instead of having the usual base-building mechanics and research features, you have many units you can obtain by playingcertaingame modes. So, if you don’t know where to begin, let us put you on the right path.

All Game Modes

Men of War 2offersa plethora ofgame modes for solo players and those who prefer PvP action. Whether you want a story-focused campaign, historical battles, orsome2v2 tank-only fun, you have it all here. However, there are a few things the game doesn’t explain too well, so let’s go over each category.

Single-Player Modes

Single-player modes or Campaigns in Men of War 2 are the ones I recommend starting with, as they guide you through a few basic systems. However, they are also great at letting you learn about certain units, assemble your regiments, and do all that without losing your ranking or getting your tank handed to you by another player. Here are the modes you can find:

  • Story: The main quest of the game. It allows you to play as any of the three nations in narrative-focused missions. 18 missions in total, six for each nation.
  • Historical: Campaigns focused on historical events such as Operation Overlord. 20 missions in total. Seven for Russia, seven for the USA, and six for Germany.
  • Conquest: Single-player tactical maps on different fronts of WWII. You have turn-based mechanics and get to choose what to do with your regiments each turn.
  • Raid: A single-player or co-op mode that changes with every run. Each front has 16 missions, and each map changes after you restart a campaign. It is perfect for learning about all units in the game.

Multiplayer Modes

For those who prefer guiding their armies against other players, Men of War 2 also has several multiplayer options. Most of them involve PvP action, but there is one PvE choice, too.

  • Battalions: A PvP mode of 4v4 and 5v5 or 1v1 to 5v5 through lobby invite. It is a Capture the Flag mode where you work as a team to hold the flag and strategic points.
  • Battalion (PvE): Same as above, but you face the AI with your friends.
  • Combined Arms: Another Capture the Flag mode, but contrary to Battalions, most things are time-gated. You need to be strategic when deploying units and hold on to your command points to use them wisely.
  • Classic: A game mode that doesn’t use the Echelon system and instead relies on Command Points for recruiting and deploying units. Quite challenging for first-time players.


Last but not least, we feel it is necessary to mention the tutorial part, as it plays a huge role in understanding a few basic concepts of Men of War 2. Furthermore, it will give you supplies, a multiplayer currency, and a few free units to add to your regiments. There are 12 missions in total.


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Your First Battle

Before you jump into the campaign, I strongly recommend you do the tutorial. Men of War 2 has many systems, and playing the practice missions will serve as a guide for your first real battle. And even then, I recommend heading to Story Campaigns and playing any at easy difficulty. Once inside, let’s take a look at the UI.

  1. Objectives: This section shows the current map’s objectives. Clicking on one will move the camera to the location of the objective, making it easier to track.
  2. Active Units: Any units you’ve summoned will appear hear. You can click on them to move the camera to where they are or hold shift and then click on other units to select them as a group.
  3. Map: This will show the map of the current stage and will point out any enemies and allies as well as points of interest.
  4. Unit’s Action Bar: Depending on the unit, you’ll get different shortcuts and actions. For example, most gun emplacements and vehicles have camouflage, and most infantry units have grenades. Hover over any of the icons to see what they are for.
  5. Echelon and Command Points Menu: Here, you’ll see your total Command Points, which indicate how many units you can have on the field. Also, you’ll see your three Echelons, which have the regiments you previously edited or got as premade if in a story mission.

Deploying Units

Now that you’re familiar with the UI, let’s continue with the basics of combat and that is guiding your units in Men of War 2. Before controlling anyone, you need to deploy them in battle and to do that; it is important to understand the Echelon system.

Using the above image as an example, you have three Echelons. Each one holds a certain number of units you can tailor outside of any match. In the case of Campaigns, you’re stuck with specific units and Echelons and can’t change them. Still, they work exactly the same. You have a cap of Command Points. In my case, I had 0/35. My Riflemen cost 5 Command Points, which means after deploying them, I’ll be at 5/35. This is important to know because Command Points let you deploy a finite number of soldiers or vehicles. If a unit dies, you get the points back.

Furthermore, you should also pay attention to details such as how many units you have available and how many soldiers are in the squad. Riflemen come with five soldiers, but others might have fewer people. So, once you know who you want to deploy, select the area you want them to move to and right-click on it.

Moving Units and Issuing Orders

Guiding units inMen of War 2is pretty straightforward. You only select any of them and right-click on where you want them to go. For infantry units, you can move your cursor to any surface,and it’ll showyou if they can take cover. Furthermore, I recommend checking the action bar to practice with shortcuts andcertainactions. For example, my Sappers in the image can place sandbags by pressingShift+ Z. Each unit is different, so see what they bring to a fight.Personally,I recommend learning the shortcuts for camouflage (ALT + H) and fortification, which vary depending on the unit.These will keep your soldiers safe and undetected.


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Direct Control

One last feature you should be aware of before heading intoMen of War 2is Direct Control. This system, which you can toggle on any unit by pressing E, allows you to control a single soldier or vehicle. With it, you can use the AWSD keys to move around and shoot as you see fit,basicallyturning this intoa third-person shooter. It isquiteusefulon certain vehicles and a few stealth missions, but it can get a bit janky sometimes, so use it with caution.

Men of War 2 FAQs

With so many things to learn throughout the course of several campaigns, we’ve compiled a few questions for the new commanders.

Can You Play Men of War 2 Offline?

As of now, you can only play Men of War 2 while being online. This game requires you to be connected to the internet at all times, but developers have confirmed an offline mode is on its way.

Is There Co-Op in Men of War 2?

Yes. You can play almost all Campaigns with other players and certain PvE events in the multiplayer section, too.

How Many Factions Are in Men of War 2?

At launch, you can play as Russia, the USA, and Germany.Each factionhas specific units, and you can unlock more by playing the game or completing campaigns.

Does Men of War 2 Have a Story?

Yes. There are three story campaigns. One for each nation.

Men of War 2: Starter Guide (2024)
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