Find list of PDFs of All Past SAT Tests - Official Reddit SAT Resource - QAS Megathread (2024)

This is one question we often get from our students at GuideMe - "where can we find the link to download all the past SAT Exams?" So we're sharing Reddit & Internet's best-kept SAT secret - the mega-resource link.

Download All past SAT Exams - Reddit megathread link!

Although most people know the behemoth Reddit is, for the uninitiated, Reddit is a vast digital world where you can easily get lost in! Reddit has a side of it that is deeply educational, where people from around the world share their experiences and give an expert opinion on subjects, which at the end of the day, can make you more enlightened.

and especially for exams like SAT - it is a highly valuable resource - where you have SAT applicants, past students, and best SAT trainers from around the world - sharing their insights and helping each other.

Here at GuideMe, we are indebted to resources such as Reddit, and we are sharing one of the best SAT resources for all the past exams from the link:

Below you can find the most comprehensive link of SAT past tests:

Instead of providing a separate link for each test, we will now provide a single link to a folder containing all of the tests. Yes, this change will make it easier for students to download tests and if there are copyright strikes against the files, it will also make it easier for Reddit to re-upload, if necessary. More importantly, this new format should also be more convenient for the community, as students will no longer have to load and download files one by one.

If you believe you will need access to SAT QAS in the future, please download and save these files now. Moderators at Reddit will do what they can to keep the post and the files up, but the safest route is to make sure you have your own copies.

Links to All Tests:

Please try accessing links 2 and 4 with a web browser on a computer (rather than a mobile device) before complaining that the links do not work. This is what Link 2 looks like on Chrome for Windows, as of August 2022.

Please download and save any files that you may need. You rely on these links at your own risk.

Detailed Test Lists.



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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What are "released tests"? Released tests, also known as QAS, are tests that College Board has made available to test-takers through the paid Question and Answer Service (QAS). In 2016 and 2017, QAS was available for domestic (US) Saturday tests in January, May, and October and for international Saturday tests in May. It was also available for April School Day tests. Beginning in 2018, College Board discontinued the January administration and replaced the January QAS date with the March QAS date. All other QAS dates remained the same.

  • What are "unreleased tests"? Unreleased tests are tests from non-QAS dates -- such as June, November, December, etc. -- that have been "leaked" (i.e., obtained and circulated illegally).

  • Why aren't unreleased tests included in this post? Unreleased tests are stolen copyrighted materials. Including them here would directly contravene Reddit's terms of service. Even if we moderators wanted to post them (which we don't), we simply couldn't do so without putting the sub in danger of suspension. This is no exaggeration: a large test prep sub (r/MCAT) was suspended following aggressive copyright complaints from UWorld, and College Board can be very aggressive when it comes to unreleased tests. For example, r/SAT receives copyright removal requests (originating with College Board) when even individual images from unreleased tests slip by the moderators. Here is an example of what we see in our moderation log on a regular basis. See all those "Reddit Legal" "copyright removal" entries? That's College Board, filing DMCA strikes against mere images from unreleased tests.

  • Can I ask for unreleased tests in the sub? Please don't. Doing so will violate rule #4 in the sidebar and will likely result in a ban.

  • Why have you included PSATs? Can they be used to prepare for the SAT? In general, past PSAT/NMSQT tests are less valuable as preparation resources than past SAT tests (obviously) but more valuable than third-party SAT tests (Princeton Review, etc.) Many find PSAT/NMSQT Writing to be virtually indistinguishable from SAT Writing but perceive larger differences between SAT and PSAT Reading and Math. Important: Please be aware that the PSAT 8/9 test is designed for younger students (as young as an eighth grade) and is therefore much less valid as an SAT prep tool.

  • What about older SATs, such as those from before the March 2016 redesign? We will not be including any pre-2016 SATs here. The March 2016 redesign was so dramatic as to render pre-2016 tests essentially obsolete as preparation resources.

  • Some of the tests linked above are missing "curves." Why? At some point in the last couple of years, College Board became considerably less diligent about releasing curve information with the online QAS. Recently, our moderator u/Yodatsracist has been doing outstanding work to reconstruct test curves in our official score release threads (example here). If you can't find anything useful in the score release threads, then consider simply searching the relevant terms (for example: "March 2019 sat curve") and see what you can find.

  • The links are down. Why haven't you gotten them back up yet? Yes, the links will inevitably go down. That's why you're supposed to download them and save them somewhere offline. When such problems occur, the moderators will make an effort to resolve them as promptly as possible.

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Find list of PDFs of All Past SAT Tests - Official Reddit SAT Resource - QAS Megathread (2024)


Where can I find SAT qas? ›

Ordering the QAS

Order online by signing into your College Board account and selecting Order Now within My Score Reports.

How do I find my SAT scores from years ago? ›

Go to the Student Score Report homepage.

You'll need to sign in to your College Board account to view this page. Once you're signed in, your most recent score should be shown at the top of the page. You'll also see a Show Additional Scores option to see all your previous SAT and PSAT-related assessment scores.

How to find SAT practice test answers? ›

You can find the answers to SAT practice test papers from several reliable sources: College Board Website: The official provider of the SAT, the College Board, offers free practice tests along with answer explanations on their website.

Can you get old SAT tests? ›

Once you've left high school and haven't tested for a year, College Board archives your SAT test scores and certain information you may have provided about yourself during testing. However, you can request that older scores be sent to you or to the colleges, universities, and scholarship programs of your choice.

Is SAT QAS legit? ›

The QAS is almost always a good investment for students seeking to improve their scores, because it allows you to fully review the entirety of your test. This helps you determine which types of questions you need to prepare for more when you are studying to retake the test.

Do SAT scores ever expire? ›

SAT scores are valid forever as they never expire. However, many colleges have policies limiting score validity periods to 1-5 years. Highly selective schools often prefer scores from the past 1-2 years, while less selective colleges may accept 5-year-old scores.

Is a 1200 on the SAT good? ›

The average SAT score is a 1040, so a 1200 is above average. A 1200 SAT score is between the 71st and 80th percentile of test takers, meaning that you scored above 71-80% of other students. A score of 1200 opens a wide range of college options, assuming you have comparable grades (mostly A's and B's).

Can you see past SAT questions? ›

The SAT Question and Answer Service (QAS) is an option offered to students taking the SAT in March, May, and October. The QAS includes a copy of the SAT questions from the specific test date and a report showing a student's answers.

Why is there no SAT practice test 2 and 4? ›

You probably noticed that Practice Test 2 and Practice Test 4 are missing from the section above. That's because the College Board has removed them from their list of officially available practice tests.

How to find SAT scores from years ago? ›

To retrieve your SAT score by phone, call the College Board customer service number at 866-756-7346 if you're in the US, or 212-713-7789 if you're outside the US. Make sure you have the following information ready to give over the phone: Your current name and address. Test date and registration number (if available)

Do colleges care about old SAT scores? ›

The short answer is: it depends. The visibility of your SAT attempts to colleges is primarily determined by the SAT Score Choice policy and the specific policies of the colleges you're applying to.

How much does the SAT QAS cost? ›

Correct answers and additional scoring information are provided, as well as information about the type and difficulty of the test questions. The QAS costs an additional $18.

Does digital SAT have qas? ›

Question-and-Answer Service (QAS) and Student Answer Service (SAS) aren't available for the digital SAT.

Where can I see my SAT test time? ›

If you're taking the SAT, you'll want to make sure you get to the SAT in time for the test. Here's how you know what time to be at the SAT. Answer: The time to be at the SAT test center is written on your admission ticket.

Is SAT student answer service worth it? ›

The verdict is in and the critics agree: yes, students should use the “Question and Answer” service (QAS) provided by the College Board! This service is available to students when they register to take their test, or up to five months after their test date.

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