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Current Events

    • CEF-SBEC Youth Entrepreneurship Summer Camp(2023NEW!)
    • Quantitative Finance Program Webinars
    • College of Business Research Seminars
    • WolfieTank
    • Long Island Pitchfest
    • Entrepreneurs Edge Speaker Series

Previous Events

2/05/19: 1:00pm @ Wang Theater by Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP

2/13/19: 2:30pm @Wang, Lecture Hall 1 by Michael Loeb and Bonin Bough

3/01/19: 11am-12pm @Harriman Hall Room 304 by Dr. Steve Skiena – Teaching Professor in Computer Science & Director of Stony Brook Institute for AI-Driven Discovery and Innovation

3/08/19:11am-12pm @Harriman Hall Room 304 by Dr.Chris Sellers–Professor of History & Director of Center for the Study of Inequalities, Social Justice, and Policy

3/15/19: 11am-12pm @Harriman Hall Room 304 by Dr.Dan Goldstein – Principal Researcher & Assistant Managing Director Microsoft Research

3/26/19: 5:30pm-6:50pm @Harriman Hall Room108 by Mr. David Marcus, Chief Investment Officer at Stony Brook Foundation

3/28/19: 6:00pm @Wang CenterTheater by Dawn Zier, Stony Brook alumna and CEO of Nutri System

4/4/19: 1pm-2:15pm @ Harriman Hall Room 304 by Dr. Ying Wu–Assistnat Professor of Finance, Stevens Institute of Technology

4/5/19: 11am-12pm @Harriman Hall Room 304 by Dr.Andrew Schwartz – Assistant Professor in Computer Science & Director of Human Language Analysis Beings

4/12/19: 11am-12pm @ Harriman Hall Room 304 by Dr. Jiyin Cao – Assistant Professor in College of Business, Stony Brook University

4/12/19: 1pm-2:15pm @ Harriman Hall Room 304 by Dr. Shan Ge– Assistant Professor of Finance NYU Stern

4/24/19: 7:00pm-9:30pm @ Frey Hall 201 bySandeep Dhawan, IT Director of Mobileistic

4/25/19: 1pm-2pm @ Harriman Hall Room 202 by Dr. Danling Jiang –Professor in College of Business,Stony Brook University

4/30/19: 5:30pm @ Harriman Hall Room 108 & 7:00 @Harriman Hall Room104by BitMart & GXChain onBlockchain & Digital Assets

5/3/19: 11am-12pm @ Harriman Hall 304 by Dr. Jamie Macdonald – Postdoctoral Associates of SPICE Lab

5/18/19: 1pm-2pm @ Harriman Hall 304 by Dr.Jiasun Li Assistant Professor of Finance, George Mason University

09/16/19, 7pm-8pm, @ Harmony Vineyards by Prof. Richard Chan, Associate Professor of Management, College of Business, Stony Brook University

09/19/19, 2pm-3:15pm @ Harriman 304 byProf. Kiseob Lee Associate professor, Purdue university

10/03/19, 1pm-2:30pm@ Harriman 304 byProf. Matthew Wynter Assistant Professor of Finance, University of Illinois at Chicago

10/11/19, 1pm-3pm @Harriman 304 by Mr. Brian Facquet, Stony Brook University Alumnus & Entrepreneur

10/31/19, 2pm-3:30pm @ Harriman 304 byProf. Stanislav Uryasev Frey Chair of Quantitative Finance, Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Stony Brook University

10/08/19, 11am– 12pm @ Harriman 304 by Prof. Richard Chan, Associate professor,College of Business, Stony Brook University

11/06/19, 6pm @Wang Center Theater, Wolfie Tank

11/15/19, 11am12pm @ Harriman 304 by Prof.Jingyuan Yang, Assistant Professor, Information Systems and Operations Management at George Mason University School of Business

11/22/19, 1pm-2:30pm @ Harriman 304 by Prof. Stoyan Stoyanov, Research Professor of Finance, College of Business, Stony Brook University

11/25/19, 11am-12pm @ Wang Center Theater by Mayor Fumiko Hayashi, Mayor of Yokohama

2/06/20: 8am-10am @ Wang Theater byLuke Tilley and Rhea Thomas on 2020 Capital Markets Forecast

2/28/20: 11am-12:30pm @ Harriman 304 by Dr. Dan Eshleman, Assistant Professor, Rutgers School of Business, on "Do Seasoned Industry Specialists Provide Higher Audit Quality? A Re-examination"

2/28/20:Ruoxuan Xiong, @ Math Tower, Room 1-122A,Stanford University, on "Large Dimensional Latent Factor Modeling with Missing Observations and Applications to Causal Inference"

3/04/20: 1pm-2pm @ Harriman 304 bySiyu Yu, NYU Stern on "Knowing Where Others Stand: Accuracy and Performance Effects of Individuals’ Perceived Status Hierarchies"

3/13/20: 11am - 12:30pm @Harriman 304 byDr. Zhifeng Yang, Associate Professor of Accounting, Stony Brook University on "Proximity, Internal Governance, and Workplace Safety"

4/17/20: 4pm-5pm by Ed Texitera, FranchiseGrade COO, on Franchising Strategies in This Pandemic

5/15/20: 4pm-5pm by Antonia Savaria of Atlantia Advisers on How Blockchain Firms Survive and Thrive in this Pandemic

9/15/20 - Restaurant/Food Manufacturing

9/17/20 - Construction/Home Improvement

9/22/20 - Issues with Seasonal Business Management

9/24/20 -Cash Flow and Inventory Management

10/6/20 - Social Media Marketing

03/12/21: 11:00am "A Theory of FinTech" by Professor Steven Kou, Questrom Professor in Management/Professor in Finance, Boston Uninversity

Abstract:In this talk I will give a brief overview of current academic research on Fintech by using tools from mathematics and statistics. The topics to be discussed include: (1) Designing stable coins: how to design stable cryptocurrency by using option pricing theory. (2) P2P equity financing: how to design contracts suitable for a P2P equity financing platform with information asymmetry. (3) Data privacy preservation: how to do econometrics based on the encrypted data while still preserving privacy. (4) The wisdom of the crowd and prediction markets: how to use the collective opinion of a group to make predictions. All the above 4 topics are based on my recent papers.

04/26/21: 12:00pm "Fintech Innovation Series, Entrepreneurship in Crypto and Decentralized Finance" by Professor Danling Jiang, Stani Kulechov, Professor Aaron Wright, and Maria Filipakis (Video)

04/30/21: 4:00pm "Beyond Venture Capital: Accelerators & Crowdfunding" by Gwen Cheni of IndieBio & Patrick Hurd of MedStartr Ventures (Click here to register)

11/03/21: 6:30pm @ Wang Center WolfieTank

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Events & News | Center of Entrepreneurial Finance (2024)


What makes entrepreneurial finance different from corporate finance? ›

While corporate finance focuses on existing businesses and their challenges in generating returns for investors and increasing shareholder value, entrepreneurial finance centres around the study of value and resource allocation in new businesses.

What two questions do entrepreneurs often ask themselves? ›

Entrepreneurs must continually ask themselves what business they want to be in and what capabilities they would like to develop.

Why is entrepreneurial finance important? ›

Entrepreneurial financing is important for the growth, development, and survival of new ventures. It provides the necessary capital to launch and sustain entrepreneurial endeavors 3. Equity financing, including venture capital, angel investment, and crowdfunding, is particularly crucial for entrepreneurial growth.

Why is it difficult for entrepreneurs to raise finance? ›

Lack of customers and contacts

New entrepreneurs often lack the customer base, social media following and valuable contacts that more established business owners enjoy. As a result, launching a crowdfunding campaign or making connections with investors can be a challenge.

What are the characteristics of entrepreneurial finance? ›

It addresses key questions which challenge all entrepreneurs: how much money can and should be raised; when should it be raised and from whom; what is a reasonable valuation of the startup; and how should funding contracts and exit decisions be structured.

What are the theories of entrepreneurial finance? ›

Liquidity theory posits that access to capital is the key to entrepreneurship. Pecking order theory posits how entrepreneurs decide on modes of financing. Real options theory looks at entrepreneurship from a gambler's perspective. Signaling theory explains how entrepreneurs inadvertently communicate with stakeholders.

What are the 3 questions every entrepreneur must answer? ›

Entrepreneurs must constantly ask themselves tough questions about where they want to go, what it takes to get there and how to get there successfully.

What is one best business question that a successful entrepreneur asks themselves? ›

1. What do I want to accomplish today? Starting the day with a clear mindset of what it is you wish to accomplish within your working hours can help bring focus and attention to detail that will bring with it a successful day.

What are the three basic questions that all businesses must answer? ›

All economies must answer basic questions like what goods and services to produce, how to produce these goods and services, and how to distribute the goods and services – using their scarce resources. The answers to these questions depend on the economic system that is in place.

What are the examples of entrepreneurial finance? ›

Entrepreneurial finance includes a wide array of sources of capital, such as venture capital (VC), angel investors, equity, and debt finance, along with new forms of financing through crowdfunding and initial coin offerings (ICOs).

What is the relationship between finance and entrepreneurship? ›

Any entrepreneurship activity requires some financing because the processes of production, investment, and marketing need various sources of financing. The realization of entrepreneurs' projects and particularly the implementation of innovative plans are dependent on conditions of their financing.

What are the four main financial objectives of entrepreneurial ventures? ›

Answer and Explanation: The four primary financial objectives of firms are; stability, liquidity, profitability, and efficiency. The profitability objective focuses on generating enough revenue to meet the firms' expenses and the desired profit margin.

Who do most entrepreneurs not get money from to help start their business? ›

The vast majority of new small business owners don't seek financing from bank loans, cash advances on credit cards, or even loans from family and friends.

Why do so many entrepreneurs fail? ›

Surveys of business owners suggest that poor market research, ineffective marketing, and not being an expert in the target industry were common pitfalls. Bad partnerships and insufficient capital are also big reasons why new companies fail.

Why do entrepreneurs make so much money? ›

Entrepreneurs introduce new products or services that may result in significant improvements in productivity, reduction in costs, and improvement in the quality of life. Knowing their offerings much better than anyone else and being aware of customer needs, the entrepreneur can charge a premium for their innovations.

How is entrepreneurial finance different from traditional finance? ›

Entrepreneurial finance is different from the traditional business finance because it being an entrepreneur often times means that you are using your personal finances to start up and maintain a business. It means more planning and saving on a smaller scale with more risk to the entrepreneur.

What is the difference between finance and corporate finance? ›

Corporate finance is a subset of the field of finance. It concerns proper budgeting, raising capital to meet company needs and objectives with debt and/or equity, and the efficient management of a company's current assets and liabilities. The various jobs in corporate finance can pay well.

What is the difference between corporate entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship? ›

Corporate entrepreneurs work towards solutions to social and environmental problems, while entrepreneur inside is people creating start-up companies.

What is the difference between corporate finance and private finance? ›

Corporate finance involves managing assets, liabilities, revenues, and debts for a business. Personal finance defines all financial decisions and activities of an individual or household, including budgeting, insurance, mortgage planning, savings, and retirement planning.

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