Aldi & Costco Shopping & Grocery Haul! Huge Grocery Haul, Meal Plan, & Aldi Shopping!First Time Back - Dining and Cooking (2024)

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June 27, 2024

This video is about aldi grocery haul and costco

[Music] [Applause] don’t mind the mess it’s summertime I was going to clean up for you but you’re used to it by now hey I have to meal plan today and go grocery shopping so I’m Ill prepared I don’t know what the heck I’m going to make I have my notebook over here weekly meal plan I plan on going to Costco and ALDI you guys I never shop at Aldi I’m kind of excited you got to make things exciting for yourself you know I used to go to ALDI a lot and then I stopped because I think it depends on like which one you go to but the one I used to go to kind of like took a nose dive and plus I could never get all my groceries there and I mean it’s fine cuz I can never get all my groceries really anywhere that I go so I’m excited to go to ALDI and shop around a little bit maybe I’ll share with you whatever the heck I see and most importantly I need to make a meal plan you know the kids are eating me out of house and home it also doesn’t help that I haven’t gone grocery shopping for the house in like a month we have no fresh vegetables nothing is fresh we’ve been scrimping and honestly we’ve been getting creative and it’s been I would lie if I told you it’s been enjoyable it hasn’t but everyone’s saying that they’re hungry so I figured you know you know what instead of doing something fun today actually we are doing something fun we’re going to Aldi but instead of doing something else today I’m going to meal plan and uh you know go grocery shopping and all that good stuff I have a ton of my macro friendly food recipes that I could sift through I feel like I’ve made so many of those I’m also going to sift through this Disney copycat recipe I well I guess it’s not copycat it is the official Disney Parks cookbook 101 magical recipes wait a second I flipped right to a whoopy pie that is magical but I saw a ronto the ronto wrap ooh I’ve heard about this you know whenever we go to Disney which isn’t often we’ve really only been like five times as a f and really I think it’s four I should count but it doesn’t even matter but whenever we go we never eat there I think maybe we ate once and it was to escape the Heat and we had like I generic lunch like it wasn’t anything fun if we go again I mean I say this if we go again I would love to sit down and enjoy food somewhere but then I look at the menu and I’m like oh $30 for an uncrustable I’m going to pass on that on are the days where my parents are paying for everything and I am a 5-year-old child I do remember getting chicken nuggets and fries whenever we went as a family I think Wolf Gang just woke up can you hear the rain in the background it’s raining here it feels so nice giving such a nice aesthe IC uh maybe maybe not if you can’t hear it it doesn’t really matter and I’m trying to talk softer so you can kind of hear it and oh my gosh avalina just asked me are you hiding Foods somewhere I said oh my gosh you know it’s bad when your kids are like hey is there food anywhere um don’t get me wrong like the pantry we had plenty of snacks to go off of but um you know not everyone snacks all day like me so literally this was long overdue I really needed to get my life together and meal plan and go grocery shopping for the children if not the adults right everyone really so I was sifting through this Disney cookbook and it was you know I feel like I’ve looked at it a couple of times I found a a couple good recipes like the th I think that was th L Chase cake and then I found like the Whoopi pies found a couple other things the ronto wrap you know and I think I got the tatos recipe that I’m going to add but I’m flipping through and I’m like aund what did it say 101 recipes no it’s like 50 drink recipes like no thank why no thank you and then a bunch of random re like chili I don’t need recipe for chili from Disney I need the good stuff the gray stuff was in there if you know about that but anyway I’m not a huge Disney fanatic so maybe that’s why I wasn’t into it as much and I found the tatos recipe so I’m adding that to my meal plan and then I just went through you know mostly my head like meatloaf just the easy stuff that I’m like okay minimal effort but food is on the table and I’m not trying new you know a new recipe every single day this week you just that’s the way to keep it simple and easy and while I do enjoy trying new recipes often you guys know I love the macro friendly meal plans she comes out with new recipes once a month I do have a code if you’re interested and like getting it streamlines everything I know they’re healthy and all that good stuff and a lot of them I’ve tried and some of them I will use on this weekly meal plan like the meatloaf and stuff and then there’s like a uh a meat and uh whatever it is like a stir fry kind of thing anyway they’re like my go-tos and I love them and that’s just all we want out of life right quick simple easy delicious familyfriendly checks off all the boxes and then on the back side of my weekly plan here that I hang on my fridge I like to put you know just a couple of breakfast ideas and then lunch ideas typically I don’t do a lot of lunch ideas because like I’ll pack the kids lunches and maybe we’ll eat leftovers for lunch or whatever but you know it’s summertime so I’m trying to like jazz things up a bit and actually it’s like lunchtime right now which I can’t even believe it’s like actually it’s way past lunch wow I can’t even believe what time it is time flies during the summer when everyone’s sleeping in till like 2:00 p.m. you know and so what was I getting at I’m hungry right now I think I’m going to make what I want for lunch how am I trying to say this a Caesar wrap like a chicken Caesar wrap all uh Chick-fil-A style but you know make it easy really simple I think I’m going to make some of those I’m hungry I you know breakfast is so hard is breakfast hard for anyone else what do I what do you eat for breakfast most of the time I’ll eat like like this morning I had a hamburger literally nothing on it meat fun nothing is this healthy probably not I also had a leftover piece of cake don’t judge me I’m doing my best over here maybe one day I’ll get my life together also my dress isn’t zipped up all the way but no worries before I left I had Alex zip it up and I was really excited to go to ALDI do you guys shop at Aldi often I hear a lot of people like oh try Aldi you should go there all this stuff so I finally did I have a lot of mixed feelings about it I’m going to show you the fun new things that I found that middle aisle is always surprising with like the random assortment of dads and knickknacks you you never know what you’re going to find there is you know the consensus I think that everyone has so it was fun it’s summertime so I found some summertime stuff I did get a couple of clips for you like a shop with me kind of thing and then a CCO version will be maybe next week at the front of the month so here is the meal plan I came up with with all of the recipes that I have pretty basic actually I just want to keep it simple lowkey shrimp kebabs with a cob salad I mean right nice and refreshing throw it on the grill it’s summertime we’ve got peppers onions and steak stir fry with rice another easy one meatloaf and mashed potatoes and vegetables I mean come on it doesn’t get any simpler than this Barbacoa tacos a little out of my comfort zone but avalina loves them with a corn salad that’s really good it’s one of my favorites for summer homemade pasta maybe we’ll do a pizza bar I’ll have to go out sometime like in the middle of the week when we do this to get the fresh dough I could make it from scratch but will I grilled Philly cheese steak kebabs and then taco salad and chimy chongas that’s Alex’s favorite I just like the taco salad keeping it simple nice for summer here’s my grocery list so let’s head out well I came to oldie first you guys I thought the Costco parking lot was bad first of all no spots people are parking illegally it’s the Wild Wild West out here the Aldi parking lot just this crazy I just got some dirty looks because someone couldn’t access their trunk because they like back in and I was next to them but they parked like on the white L but it’s my I moved I was like I’m not no not today no thank you but I made it to I think I even packed a quarter check it let’s go inside and see what they have kind of ironic that the grocery bags I brought are Costco where was everyone in this parking lot when I did this all right here we go one quarter in all right few observations right off the bat these grocery carts are like twice as big easily as they used to be what these pineapples are twice as big as the ones at Costco too $1.79 I’m in it also smells like fabuloso in here I used to get these all the time the mango slices oh they’re so good they have a really nice Bakery section but I feel like they used to have like their chocolates up front isn’t Aldi a German brand that’s where my ma used to come for her specialty chocolates that like no one else sold look they got a little Debbie I’m going to refrain from that but oh my gosh do I want some the answer is yes wait they got some hand pies over here Cherry how much 85 cents they’ve got all the knockoff Brands animal crackers mini Bears nillo wafers in my experience and obviously it’s been several years the Aldi brand stuff does not taste good but I’ve heard from plenty of people look they even have Oreos I’ve heard from a ton of people that it’s just as good should do a little taste test and challenge that I don’t know if my taste buds are up for the challenge though I’ll test the taste buds with these crackers and also these Turtles cuz they’re cute and some clany pretzel rods and they have the pre-made salads here what fantastic price 289 also I’ve seen these in people’s hauls and I’m like wow those look super interesting I don’t even know if I want it but I just love the portability of this it’s like eight pretzels and 8 oz of cream cheese portable calzone ooh check these out too $2.79 for three of these sweet snack collections they have a few different flavors I think I’m going to grab some there’s even more over here this one has like chocolate in it I think Meredith would like that ooh even more over here this is great for summertime snacking check these out too chicken salad oh warning we’re entering the red hot deal section also I think this is like an homage to the Olympics Team USA Cheerios also these Star Spangled crackers that’s a yes I’ve heard great things about this middle aisle at Aldi looks like they have some outdoor toys also like a boss we have a Barbie scooter that’s pretty sweet and random for 20 bucks right above some laundry detergent why is everything in here so Random like this football this water football how much is that we’ll never know we’ve got wooden lawn dice bubbles they have a four-piece griddle tool set and a griddle you can buy hide and seek rock set garden tools let’s go fishing oh my gosh they even have a fan fake Crocs with Elsa a bunch of shoes I am kind of in shock oh what’s down here they have a frying pan set and a cast iron brazer for 25 bucks beautiful color and still more Fourth of July party pack a nice serving tray really it’s a trio hey you can put on the rits with this tablecloth that’s a beautiful rug for your front porch this is pretty sweet cut fruit in the bowl it’s like a little strainer but you can put the water in the bowl you know a mini dehumidifier are we at Disney I also have have a really big bone for your dog if you want one bunch of balloons for six bucks actually a screaming deal snorkles I’ve heard that the paper products aisle is not really worth it if you’re looking to save money which is probably why it’s the only aisle with no one in it I feel like I’m in everyone’s way it’s my fault I came on a weekend I out this gem pizza cookie chewy gooey and Ooey just heard someone say they had liquid IV here hey is this the chocolate that my El likes they even have caners with hazelnut wafer love those worther oh this has got to be it the world famous shotten what is this Trader Joe’s oh my word what is this Trader Joe’s you know I have to try these dark chocolate covered coconut almonds they have even more on this side very interesting lots of grilling stuff I see that icy starter kit okay this is making me laugh a slushy starter kit for 30 bucks and then right next to it a smartphone case the biggest random assortment of goodies all at low low prices and across the way we have gorade right under some Australian licorice I should get this black licorice from my dad whoever says they like black licorice you’re lying you probably also love raw meat I got some of these from the beach house from Target and they were 2 for8 and sadly I like left them I’m really upset about it but anyway they were cheaper at Target is what I’m trying to get to so I guess some things are more affordable here and some things aren’t and isn’t that just the way that it goes everywhere they have an all- American cheesecake sampler patriotic style I will also say there are loud noises here like every 4 seconds I don’t know if my tender heart can take it I’m like getting startled over here they’ve got see what I mean glutenfree CL donut ooh shrimp and lobster bake for 750 screaming deal oh my gosh snow crab okay guess I missed where they have the Chobani but pineapple seems like a really good flavor I would typically put that back in the refrigerated section but this is already warm I found them but they’re $122 mango and pineapple see at Publix they’re like a dollar but if you get the Aldi brand it’s 65 so that’s actually a screaming deal these Smash Burgers look really great you get eight patties in there for $8 but how many do you need for one Burger okay I’m loving this 265 for four doggy treats in the frozen section that’s amazing and some macarons I am at Trader Joe’s I’m going to grab these for the kids but I think I’m going to get the strawberry ones I didn’t know Aldi had self checkout so that was a surprise also I probably shouldn’t have done it cuz I had a lot of stuff well that was interesting definitely a change of pace my total was only 100 bucks for everything that I got and I did get a lot of snacky stuff all right I made it to the zoo Costco I don’t think I’ve done a Costco shop with me yet this month so I will do one maybe in a week but check out this liquid IV firecracker oh my gosh and they have the white peach here white peach it’s cut with lemon lime which not my favorite but both sugar-free well while I’m here I as well share with you something new and exciting Greek salad with feta dressing looks absolutely delicious lots of new stuff I’m seeing and this is interesting curry chicken salad 10 bucks yes I’m so excited I heard rumors that this was at Costco they’ve had the Scrub Daddy for a while but this is the first time they’ve had an eight pack of the scrub mommy for $16 that is a cream and considering these are like $5 a piece and you get some fun colors it made the trip all worth it all right vanilla here we go thank you you people who like overnight oats I got some questions okay it’s literally a mad house in here that’s a zoo we made it just in the nick of time it started pouring finally made it home everyone helped bring everything in and just in the nick of time if you heard that Thunder it is thundering and it’s lightning yeah the way you love me is frightening I got a knock on wood I have some thoughts about Aldi still a little bit like I still had to go to Publix is all I’m saying uh where shopping is a pleasure but I did go to there a whole day of shopping I might as well have gone to the farmers market as well cuz I used to go there all the time but anyway it’s on the other side of town I went to Aldi Costco Publix I’m going to show you everything that I got and if my kids utter the words I’m hungry the next week somebody needs to sign me in to a mental institution let me show you what I got this is everything from Costco and the fireworks because Fourth of July believe it or not is coming up I haven’t unbagged this but all of this is from Publix and then this over here is horrible lighting but this is the Aldi portion of it uh when I told you oh I spent $100 so this is what $100 looks like but also I got a lot of like prepackaged stuff so so this is like more expensive kind of stuff when I used to go to ALDI I would focus on like the fresh produce uh I think that’s the best way to do it but since I hadn’t been there in a while and I knew I was going to Costco I just got some fun items that Aldi offers okay let’s start over here we need some cob salad I also love to make like taco salad in the middle of the day I have tacos like mini tacos that I got from Costco that I throw in the air fryer everyone enjoys them but I throw them on a bed of lettuce it just makes everything taste better I also got some broccoli fettes love having those in the freezer and also late addition to the meal plan I am going to make broccoli cheddar soup because well a lot of reasons but just because okay because I can and who doesn’t love a good broccoli cheddar soup I also got some green beans that’ll just be for dinner one night it’s a good vegetable to have on hand and then onions always love having these I’ve got a sink full of meat I’ll show you that at the end maybe oh I also got some broccoli from Publix I guess that made its way out of the Publix bag into here I got a cup these will be for the broccoli cheddar soup the frozen ones are mostly just for convenience when I’m like oh my gosh I have dinner I don’t know what I’m making and I need a vegetable and then that’s always my go-to I also got some potatoes I didn’t get any bigger baked potatoes or anything or Yukon Gold actually I should have got Yukon Gold because that’s what I love making the mashed potatoes out of oh wait I got some uh Kirkland mashed potatoes okay anyway for meatloaf and mashed potatoes it’s three words I figured I would make them this way I like to cut them I haven’t done it in a while I used to do it like literally every night for dinner I would just do sheet pan meal it’s the easiest way to do it but just cut these in the middle and then coat them in oil salt and pepper or really any seasonings that you want throw them in the oven 41° but put them cutsside down on the pan and they get a really nice little crisp on them so that’s what I’m going to do with these and then I got some bananas two bundles of bananas because one is never enough with the family that I have now we’ll see if I end up making banana bread these days what the heck just fell oh some cleaning products that’s okay um and then I grabbed some peppers I need this for a few things the corn salad calls for well it calls for tomato but I always do red bell pepper and then I think I’ve got some stir fries that I need peppers for and then just snacking and lunches and all that good stuff just to have I think I have veggie dips still yeah there it is it’s unopen this is our favorite veggie dip and when I tell you our fridge is bare like I tell no lies okay we do have a wide assortment of carrots but that’s about it moving on down I will say my kids were very happy when I came home from the grocery store today anyway um food so I got some cheese that’s in a weird spot normally this is where the produce goes but I got produce from like Here There and Everywhere so usually I get much more from Costco but anyway so I got a lot of cheese for a lot of raisins it’s like tacos it’s like anything else and plus if all else fails rice and cheese is a go-to for my kids this is the first time I’ve seen these at Costco I haven’t even seen them really online so I’ll share them on Instagram uh before this goes up in real time and this is like the Kirkland version of the Starbucks svie egg bites it has the same thing uncured bacon and guda so I got one box there five 10 bites 10 bites how many come in the Starbucks one I forgot anyway I’m going to compare them back to back this one has 17 grams of protein per serving I don’t remember what the Starbucks one has but I do know my kids love them they’re eating me at a house and home and I think these are more affordable that would make sense right I also got some kiwi Wolf Gang loves kiwi I was cleaning out the fridge I cut up a couple kiwi and he was just gobbling it down and so I was like okay got to get more Ki the thing with kiwi is I have to cut it for them like as needed I can’t cut it beforehand it like doesn’t keep well when it’s already cut so uh that’s that’s the only caveat to that and then I got some strawberries same thing there I think we have one bin of strawberries in there they honestly weren’t looking too great so I just got one typically I would get more than that but I can always run up to the store you know it’s summertime what the heck else are we doing if we’re not going to the grocery store every day I also got some apples the kids already dove into those there’s probably like four apples missing hopefully they’re crunchy the last oh no I I feel a soft spot the last bag of crunchy Fuji apples that I got from Costco not great not even going to lie most of them went in the garbage and you know what the honey crisp never fail I think that’s but it’s the cost difference I tried to get a good bundle this time and so far the kids haven’t complained and they all were like eating one as we were unpacking the groceries so so far so good I also got some cantaloupe this is great I just cut one up whatever we’re having for dinner or lunch or whatever I’ll cut one up and then the kids all Munch and mingle on it and whatever’s left over I’ll throw in the fridge for later you know or I’ll leave it out and we’ll just like pick on it all day long and then I got some mashed potatoes this is just always great to have on hand you can throw this in the freezer and it’s wonderful to have in a pinch but mostly I got it because I knew I wasn’t going to get the mashed potatoes like from Costco I don’t need 20 lbs of potatoes and I wasn’t sure if I was going to Publix and at that point all the potatoes like they didn’t even look good I don’t even know if I saw them I saw the sweet potatoes and they weren’t looking good so I was like okay pass on that I also got a lot of fireworks they have a ton of fireworks at Costco like literally they had one box for $500 like $529 and I was like oh that’s a big mama jama and then they had one for like $ 250ish they had this one for this is like $109 these are the big guys and normally we don’t do this but last time I want to say in this pack this is like a $50 pack for New Year’s I yeah big ones came in here too no no no these are for the floor and that’s what we typically enjoy for the kids oh a fat cat down there that’s funny I love the names lots of cats Lots zombies I love the names of fireworks Joe Dirt Style but anyway these um shoot up in the air the mortars is that what they’re called and those kind of freak me out but also kind like they just they’re so much more impressive they’re so nice to look at so I don’t know we’re going to do a little mingle of each and see how it goes and other people might bring fireworks too I don’t know how it’s going to go but I feel like that’s it’s plenty right and then I got some bread I want to do some nice sandwiches uh with some nice crusty bread and so I grabbed some sandwich meat from Aldi and then I got some pepperoni we have a nephew that comes by and he just loves pepperoni and then also we are going to do pizza night like make your own pizza night and uh pepperoni is always great to have that and it’s the best price at Costco like this price is unmatched unbeatable especially for the amount that you get like come on Publix could never right even Aldi could never right over here as you can tell I should have got two of these but then you know I do that thing in the grocery store I’m like oh I should get that but not right you know because the sugar content in here it’s like not great could be worse but my kids love it it’s yogurt it’s got prebiotics and probiotics and all that good stuff oh my gosh you know what I haven’t gotten in literal Forever This Jack organic salsa and I couldn’t be more pumped about this for multitude of reasons one I have been obsessing when I say obsessing I’m that’s not like that’s an actual term I’m pretty sure my diet for the past four days has consisted of chips and salsa I’ve even been eating stale chips because we don’t have any more chips and today we ran out of salsa so we ran out of chips we ran out of salsa and I feel like that’s really the only reason I went to the grocery store because I’m like what the heck am I going to eat um I have been eating the pace or PCO or peso I don’t know the brand I bought some more of it but I used to love this stuff until I want to say like a year and a half ago maybe 2 years I was pregnant with I guess it’s 2 years oh my gosh I could cry I can’t believe it’s been that long but when I was pregnant with Wolf Gang I bought this and I hated it I was like oh my gosh I can’t believe I’ve been recommending this it’s the worst thing I’ve ever eaten in my life hopefully it was the hormones cuz I’m going to try it again give it another shot this used to be my favorite thing literally in life so I’m going to give it another go I used to eat this stuff on cereal remember and then I got some Greek yogurt which I should have gotten vanilla Greek yogurt as well from Publix but I wasn’t thinking it wasn’t on my list list I just wanted some Greek yogurt the kids love eating this they’ll add M&M’s to it or really anything chocolate chips they put it in smoothies all the good stuff and then I also got some cheese tortillini this stays good in the fridge for a while and oh my gosh literally like 2 months or you can freeze it and um I have a recipe that’s highend protein it’s like macro friendly for a chicken pasta salad it is so good so I’m probably going to make that for 4th of July or something and then I got the big box of eggs I don’t know what the heck happened in the egg section today but there were literally like 20 cartons of eggs with cracked eggs in them I don’t know if someone stepped on it or someone threw their kit on top of it or what the heck it is raining like cats and dogs out there anyway I also have to clean that table don’t judge me I got some eggs hopefully these aren’t broken and it’s five dozen eggs so hopefully this will hold us over you know I got a supplement with the chickens because we’ve been eating a lot of eggs lately I got some carb balance tortillas I think these are so such great tortillas when we’re talking about macros you see the carb count here two carbs two carbs zero sugar six g of protein for one tortilla it’s actually insane probably full of chemicals they’re so great so great so I got two packs of these the price is unbeatable at Costco and this was the find of the day I can’t even believe I found this I squealed I was so excited because I see online like Instagram oh best finds at Costco and I’m like literally my Costco has none of those well fast forward a couple weeks patience is a virtue and I found it at Costco I’m so happy because it’s like eight scrub mommies if you know like one scrub mommy is upwards of $5 at Target or whatever maybe $4 so like what’s 4 * 8 because this whole pack was $16 32 is at least $32 is what you would pay if you got one of each at Target do you know what I mean one at a time which is typically what I do and so Mega savings there crazy savings scream and deal all the good stuff I was so happy to find this they’ve had the Scrub Daddy for a while but it’s like who no I don’t care about Scrub Daddy give me the mommy I need the soft side you know I also got the hard-boiled eggs and this looked like it was a new box ooh a let’s Marvel over that they are ooh free range eggs 15 two packs love having this on hand when I’m making salads or really anything if it’s like a last minute get together and I don’t know what the heck to make for people to just munch on this always has my back I can throw together deviled eggs with my eyes closed and it’s always a hit it’s always cleaser sharp cheddar cheese I got one in the block I know I got some shredded just for convenience and then I also got it in the block because I got that new cranking machine I’m excited to try it out I also grabbed some fully cooked bacon well for a lot of stuff breakfast lunch dinner Whatever Whenever you need bacon this stuff is so great you throw it in the microwave for like a minute and it’s done so it’s really convenient to have the like fully cooked bacon rather than cuz when I I have bacon in the freezer enough of it but if you want to cook it you have to like wait for it to thaw out and it’s a whole process right you can keep this in the freezer and it’s really nice and then I got some snack and cheese for Alex he really loves these really all the kids love them so it’s fresh mozzarella balls that’s really nice hey it’s the first time I’ve seen these at Costco I feel like maybe not around the holidays or maybe they’re just starting to stock up for the holidays probably I can’t even believe it’s B it’s June right now but it’s basically July which means it’s basically time to stock up for back to school and Halloween and then before you know it they’ll they’re going to have Christmas stuff Galore and I just can’t even believe but that’s how life goes and I found this Nestle Toll House same amount in here and the same price as Kirkland I saw the asterisk NE next to this price so I don’t know if they’re doing away with it all together but sometimes they just do away with it and then bring it back so I don’t know it means nothing I feel like they’re always going to have this but that’s just how feel but I decided to get to and then do a taste test cuz you know the quality does matter I bought canned corn or canned beans or whatever the heck I think it was corn one time you know store bought and then the name branch and there was a huge difference in flavor in texture in size listen to that thunder so good we need the rain thank you also got some Reese’s animal crackers okay listen this is a onetime purchase I needed to see if it lived up to the hype I keep hearing people say oh my gosh this the best thing ever and I’m like oh really is it the best thing ever well I just had one Alex had one too and we both determined it lives up to the hype they’re pretty good but also like I can’t eat more than one I’m like oh wow that’s it’s it’s Rich it’s a lot this is coming from someone who can literally eat an entire pan of brownies in one sitting okay so maybe I’m just not in the mood right now maybe I’m just in my salty phase with the salsa and chips but there you go take it with a grain of chocolate if you will and then I also got the unreal bars these are great uh lower sugar great to munch on and my kids love them too and the other day I was looking at my flour and I forgot to freeze the flour the last flour that I bought before I stored it away and uh yeah it had like those flower bugs in it I forgot what they’re called like flower mites or something um pretty gross but also I think it’s natural but a way to avoid that is to throw it in the freezer for a few days and then you can store it so there’s a little tip if you don’t know and then I did end up getting some of the Kirkland brand chicken breast chunks this is the just bear like dupe like Kirkland brand you save like $5 getting the Kirkland brand and then I got the chicken fillets because I do want to make like for lunches uh caesar wraps did I buy wraps I didn’t but I have these so I guess they’ll be fine I usually get like the spinach wraps but I wasn’t thinking about it and all you do is just put down I do Caesar dressing and then parmesan cheese some chicken and then lettuce on top of that and then that’s a wrap it’s so good such a nice quick easy lunch I also ended up seeing these in the frozen section I feel like these are new as well chicken salsa verde burrito you guys we’ve been having a lot of Mexican food lately and like it’s my favorite thing in life I’m pretty sure I think you can deduce by everything that’s happening in this little corner maybe just this little corner that I do love Mexican Cuisine salsa verde is probably my favorite it’s so good so much flavor so 23 g of protein in this it’s tender chicken marinated in authentic salsa verde that sounds delicious and uh it’s like a frozen burrito just great to have on hand those days where you don’t feel like doing anything and then these are the mini tacos that I throw in the air fryer I mean if I’m making a ton of them I’ll throw them in the oven but if I making them to like throw on a salad air fryer is the way to go and finally I got Alex his uh what is this oh my gosh did I get the right kind no wait yes milk chocolate chocolate flavor was there another chocolate I don’t know this is so expensive I bought it one time when it was on sale and he actually loves it it’s the whey protein powder and he drinks it every morning it’s for muscle support and recovery and also keeps his belly full because of the protein and all that good stuff but it it’s $65 not on sale when it was on sale it was like 45 it was such a great price now that I know when it goes on sale again I’m going to really stock up because I know that he enjoys it and likes it and wants more of it but on Amazon it’s like $95 hey it’s summertime so I’m trying to please the kids trying to be a cool mom over here and I got ramen noodle the chicken variety because really is there any other kind and you know what this reminds me of my childhood and like I should have got some jalapenos I love jalapenos out of the jar oh my gosh my mouth is salivating just remembering eating it I probably haven’t even eaten it since my childhood or maybe through my pregnancy sometimes it’s like a comfort meal you know so but I eat it with the soup you add in like cut up hot dogs oh my God that’s what I got to do it it that is top tier Cuisine right there and then for all the fireworks I did end up getting all of these lighters and uh you know I don’t think we have any anymore I don’t know I don’t like candles anymore I used to have the small ones they’re like all gone I ended up getting some milk from Costco I feel like I never do I typically get it from Publix but here we are I think there’s three cartons in here Z sugar it’s the unsweet vanilla kind and Alex requested some praline pecans so I aim to please I grabbed these for him I got some half and half and heavy whipping cream it is the best price around town at Costco always love having these I’m going to make some soup with it the broccoli cheddar soup and then you know I just I make I make random stuff with this so it’s always good to have on hand and it lasts for a pretty long time too I got a lot of Parmesan cheese this is always great for like you know pasta rice whatever whatever the heck and then I grabbed some shrimp this is for the shrimp skewers that I plan on making these are raw tail off so less work for me and then this oh I guess I do have a little bit of Sala left and then this is the sauce that my friend used to for her like marinade when she cooked it and it is so good such great flavor it’s their secret sauce it’s the Hidden Valley Ranch for seafood and it has like a little kick to it but not a lot it just has a really great flavor so I’m excited to eat more of it and then I got some meat in here I have like two things of ground beef and then one thing of the like I don’t know what it’s called top round for the bar Barracuda tacos I don’t know what it’s called Barbacoa something like that and then this is the Aldi Hall so I’ll share it with you the townhouse Star Spangled crackers these look so incredibly good well not good but like you know festive for the 4th of July so that was exciting to find those and then I got a couple of pineapples they were a good price cheaper than Costco and then I got some beans dark kidney beans and then I needed some Tomatoes I really need to stock up on more beans but I don’t know I just run out of space in my cart you know and then pretzel rods we’re going to see if these work what we’ve been using them for is to like spin the cotton candy because we ran out of the cotton candy like paper things so we’ve been using pretzel rods and the kids have been really liking it and then I got a lot of rainbow sprinkles these were a great price I use these for the holidays and it’s always good to have sprinkles on hand when we do our ice cream bar or whatever the heck we’re doing right it’s summertime it’s always time for a treat and then I got some macaroons I need to throw those in the freezer and I got these need to go in the fridge too they’ve been out for way too long select snacks these are the like cheese and meat Duos and I got a couple of those I don’t know the difference but uh oh these don’t have meat these just have like almonds and dried fruit and stuff peanut butter cups these uh didn’t melt which actually kind of surprised me it’s reminds me of Trader Joe’s and then I’m like I really want to go to Trader Joe’s because I love Trader Joe’s if I had to pick between Trader Joe’s and ALDI hands down Trader Joe’s all the way that’s my take on Aldi you might like it you might love it you might want some more of it but for me uh little baby turtle is all I’m going to say hey I did grab a bag of jalapenos so that was good I’m glad they had that and they had a really good price on this liquid egg whites love having this when I make some breakfast casseres and stuff like that so that was really cool and then I got some egg salad oh I mean this is so nice just a quick easy lunch or whatever or snack grab some bread and pretty much that’s that’s all you need right I like to toast mine I grabbed some feta cheese I forgot what I need this for but I do remember that I need some of it so I grabbed some of that and they had this really nice hummus quartet so it’s different kinds of hummuses we’ve got cilantro jalapeno classic roasted red pepper and roasted garlic so that was really cool that they had that I feel like Costco used to have a trio of it Twizzlers back here which honestly they weren’t that great of a price maybe could have been cheaper at Publix I got a couple bags of cilantro one bag of green onions and I needed some green bell pepper so I was happy that they had them uh for a pretty good price at Aldi and then I did grab some dry salami it’s just always nice to have this on hand and I’m going to put it in my nice sandwiches and then I got it spicy Itali DED salami I don’t know if these have oh they do have peppercorns now that I can see these definitely do so I don’t know how our nephew is going to do I don’t know if he likes this kind with the peppercorns but you know what we’re going to try new things you know we’re going to try to be a risk taker and then I got some grapes it’s just some red grapes we’ve got some green ones in the fridge it’s pretty much the only thing we have in the fridge I got these just because they’re nostalgic for me I used to eat these all the time growing up you know like the chemical fake cheese like shelf stable cheese what the heck even is that right but I thought you know what it’s summertime let’s have a little fun and then I got these coconut almonds so I did already dive into these did you hear our fridge we need the fridge guy to come Pronto immediately before it breaks down on us you know what Trader Joe’s Takes the Cake for this one I’m sorry I’m sorry it’s hard to convert me I guess I’m hard to please they were okay but the ones from Trader Joe’s are just far superior I also grabbed some mango I used to buy it like this all the time back when Sam’s Club had it oh my gosh it’s so good it’s mango but it’s crunchy and it kind of doesn’t even taste like mango but it does taste really good and then I got these parois just a couple boxes of them for fun I grabbed some vanilla pudding I throw this in when we make chocolate chip cookies and I feel like we need to make more of them our neighbor brought us over some chocolate chip cookies like I don’t know a couple weeks ago which I can’t even believe that much time has passed but I’m like anyway she was Thanking us for something so she brought over cookies but I feel like I need to thank her for Thanking us so I just want to bring her over cookies but is it weird that I would bring her the same thing I don’t know it’s also nice just to like you know make chocolate chip cookies and give them to whoever the heck comes over right it’s always nice to have a nice fresh baked Goodie and I did grab a couple ears of corn these were $2 so like I don’t know not the best price not the worst price was it better at Costco I will say Costco had an eight pack of like the mini ones and they were $4 and something change like $429 or something so I don’t you know take for what it is the baked Turtles great fantastic I think these are a goldfish dupe they do taste more like the Annie’s bunnies very good though these on the other hand I mean they’re okay but nothing matches a cheit white cheddar like they’re okay you at first when you’re like shoveling them in your mouth you’re like oh this is pretty good and then when you really taste it you’re like oh these are different but still good still will get eaten all right let me take all this out of the bag and then I’ll show you what I got from Publix speaking of $100 and what it gets you at each store this is $100 from Publix uh so if you compare and contrast $100 from Publix $100 from Aldi obviously I got different things and I spent probably $25 on just popcorn seasoning so you can’t really you know compare apples to oranges you know what I mean I did however oh my gosh I got the chunky salsa what a cry and shame and absolute mistake happened here I normally only get the pecante because there’s not any chunks in there oh my gosh I’m choking out my saliva that’s what I love no one better eat these I’ll save these to make um chili but there we go and that these were buy 1 get one free by the way they’re the super large ones so really these are like five something each and then the mini tater tots I got for the tachos that I plan on making the like Disney Toy Story copycat recipe I got some milk I got some zero sugar ready whip which this alone is like6 plus dollars which is absolutely insane but it’s zero sugar and the kids stink and love it and Wolf Gang is just so funny when he asks for it he’s like he makes the noise it’s just so funny so I was like well I can’t deprive him of his childhood I also got some cheese sauce these are for the tatos and Alina is over here struggling for her life trying to get it open and then I got some elbow macaroni um instead of getting the mac and cheese I have MACC and cheese powder that I got from I don’t know TJ or something and I actually really love it I’ll show you the brand if I still have some oh no where is it I well I don’t know maybe I’m out of it what the heck I actually just saw it so I know it’s in here somewhere I must just I don’t know it it must have gotten moved around it’s just the powder and then you add milk and cheese anyway I really like buying it like that because when you buy the pre-made boxes of mac and cheese you guys you get like 2 oz of pasta I’m like this is rid ridiculous so I just make a whole box I got mouths to feed I got to make like four boxes out a time to feed us you know and then last night Alex made uh popcorn for everyone it was movie night what did we watch something weird Garfield I wanted to watch Back to the Future but everyone was over it like I don’t know and really Wentworth wanted to watch it but then Meredith was like oh Garfield so we just turn on Garfield anyway short story long we were out of popcorn seasoning and so I typically get it in bulk but okay so this is the brand we typically buy and uh this was an interesting flavor buffalo wild wings like yes on popcorn I’m so pumped to try this tonight white cheddar is our favorite it’s a family favorite it’s a kid favorite but for fun I got nacho cheddar and then butter as well I’ve gotten the weird flavors like bacon and kettle popcorn is another one or kettle cooked or whatever the heck um anyway the but the white cheddar always always hits and then for Meredith she asked for very specifically pudding and Jell-O and these are zero sugar and so I feel like I don’t know again I’ll like all the chemicals but she’s so excited about it and you know what this is her childhood so I’m like yes have a treat every once in a while I eat a sheet tray of brownies every single week okay hey for breakfast I feel like quick easy breakfast I got some Quant from Publix and really like look how many come in here for the same price as you would get double at Costco but Costco was such a mad house it was such a zoo I didn’t even want like I forgot them and I didn’t want to push the cart back there this is the best way to eat chips and salsa these chips Supreme reminds me of my childhood it’s like nothing nothing is really better than this and that’s what I’m going to eat as soon as I’m done with this haul I got some creamy Caesar these were bound get one free ranch dressing a couple things of broccoli honestly these were pretty pricey too and I got two of them some street tacos for the barcoa and and sour cream and like Fritos chips alone like this was $6 $6 look at the size of this $6 for this bag is absolutely Bonkers but that’s that’s where the $100 comes from do you know what I mean now okay anyway that’s it so now it’s time to put everything away the fun stuff it’s literally a whole Tod do when you do a big grocery shopping trip like this you know oh my gosh load it up unload it and then put it away way thankfully I have a lot a lot of hands to help me I was going to say a lot of little hands to help me and uh you know instead of actually putting the stuff away I just started eating chips and salsa I couldn’t refrain myself you guys the I don’t know what happened with my hormones but I think they’ve leveled out they’re back to normal this chips and salsa is incredible would buy it again but I’ll also say it well it’s like fresh so you have to keep it in the refrigerator like even if it’s unopened but the pace that I get that’s shelf stable I don’t know if it’s just the nostalgic feeling for me but that is superior than anything even the homemade salsa I hit my microphone I’m so excited but even the homemade salsa that I make the pace in the jar the restaurant style minimal chunks I just love it so much and wolf Kang likes it I’m like this is spicy but he couldn’t care less um so yeah my whole family eats it and it is my obsession actually I kind of want to eat some right now and I should I didn’t do a lot of meal prep in this video I feel like the next video won’t be such a huge haul so I’ll have and it probably won’t be a shop with me either it’ll be like a typical meal plan grocery haul and then food prep if you will it’s when I typically get the produce in order I feel like I haven’t done that in a long time I need to just get my life together it sounds so much easier than it actually is right and and on this night I was literally focusing on just getting everything in the fridge and then making dinner cuz that’s always like what the heck is for dinner who I don’t feel like making dinner thankfully my kids really only wanted ramen noodle because they saw the ramen noodles and they were like okay that’s what can I have some they kept coming out while I was doing the all are you ready yet can I have some I’m like no I don’t know it’s for dinner you know so I did end up making ramen noodle but I made the fancy kind I did um it was more of a f if you will a Ramen foe a top foe it actually probably wasn’t but anyway I cooked the ramen left the broth in there through the seasoning packet and I had that beef so I thinly sliced some of that beef threw it in the water to well I salt and peppered it and then I threw it in the water water let that cook my throat hurts I feel like if I get another cold I need to cut my tonsils out I need to talk to someone about getting my tonsils taken out I don’t even I’m over it I’m over the sicknesses can I be healthy please anyway I cut the meat threw it in the boiling water and then I added the eggs like a you put an egg in a little dish like a little bowl and then you put it in the boiling water it’s got to be hot and that’s how you oh gosh what’s it called when you cook an egg like that when you boil an egg I like poached that’s how it is poached an egg threw that in there and then the you have to have like something Fresh So I had green onions threw some of those in there and a b a bit oh and I did the jalapenos and woo that made it spicy because I cut up a fresh jalapeno normally I have the ones in the jar I cut up the fresh one threw that in the water and maybe I added too many and uh it was it was really spicy but I was really proud of myself and it looked so good I was like this is amazing and like check it and then I made a bunch of noodles for the other kids too no worries it was plenty for everyone to eat and enjoy and uh Wolf Gang was not a fan not even going to lie I think he was just ready for bed honestly it’s you know it’s still light outside but I’m showing you my perfectly poached egg so incredible Kimberly whis Rachel Ray who Z Jordan what’s his name Gordon ramsy anyway thanks so much for hanging out hope you got some good meal inspiration for the day for the week whatever just cook some dinner and I’ll see you next time bye


  1. Aldi & Costco Shopping & Grocery Haul! Huge Grocery Haul, Meal Plan, & Aldi Shopping!First Time Back - Dining and Cooking (1)

    @melissajimenez6011 2 weeks ago

    I have been seeing several reels of people shopping at Aldi for their weekly dinners and they typically pay from 60-100!! I’m like I need that!! And they will show what they bought and a recipe. I need that too! My nearest Aldi is over an hour away and we went to one for the fist time 2 weeks ago. I got a little bit of stuff to try and I have to say their jarred spaghetti and Alfredo sauces are great. Better that others I’ve tried. And I don’t care for jarred Alfredo sauce. I would have loved to have bought some frozen items and meats but with this heat I don’t know if it would keep on the drive home

  2. Aldi & Costco Shopping & Grocery Haul! Huge Grocery Haul, Meal Plan, & Aldi Shopping!First Time Back - Dining and Cooking (2)

    @jenmv3483 2 weeks ago

    For breakfast we rotate 3 things: smoothies, home Made granola and Greek yogurt, scrambled eggs or tofu tacos. 😎

  3. Aldi & Costco Shopping & Grocery Haul! Huge Grocery Haul, Meal Plan, & Aldi Shopping!First Time Back - Dining and Cooking (3)

    @alicia1025 2 weeks ago

    Aldi is wonderful. Their brand of items are just as good as named brand and so much cheaper. Yes, the aisle of shame is random. Thats the fun of it, never know what youll get.

  4. Aldi & Costco Shopping & Grocery Haul! Huge Grocery Haul, Meal Plan, & Aldi Shopping!First Time Back - Dining and Cooking (4)

    @apparitionappalachian4591 2 weeks ago

    Barracuda Tacos is now the official name I’m calling them 😂

  5. Aldi & Costco Shopping & Grocery Haul! Huge Grocery Haul, Meal Plan, & Aldi Shopping!First Time Back - Dining and Cooking (5)

    @lisagrafton2529 2 weeks ago

    Shred those carrots and freeze them in amounts needed for carrot bread or cake.

  6. Aldi & Costco Shopping & Grocery Haul! Huge Grocery Haul, Meal Plan, & Aldi Shopping!First Time Back - Dining and Cooking (6)

    @ladytee1609 2 weeks ago


  7. Aldi & Costco Shopping & Grocery Haul! Huge Grocery Haul, Meal Plan, & Aldi Shopping!First Time Back - Dining and Cooking (8)

    @SueN1965 2 weeks ago

    Aldi is very inexpensive if you shop the sales and also avoid those convenience foods that you purchased (you said same in your video). You can't beat $3.99 for a 10 pound bag of russet potatoes

  8. Aldi & Costco Shopping & Grocery Haul! Huge Grocery Haul, Meal Plan, & Aldi Shopping!First Time Back - Dining and Cooking (9)

    @marthaely8244 1 week ago

    You need to buy Aldi's chocolate covered salted caramels. Delicious!

  9. Aldi & Costco Shopping & Grocery Haul! Huge Grocery Haul, Meal Plan, & Aldi Shopping!First Time Back - Dining and Cooking (10)

    @kristaLife86 1 week ago

    I love Aldi! Your Aldi looks likes it’s been gone through and a bit messy. My Aldi is much cleaner and more organized. We actually prefer Aldi brand because it doesn’t have artificial colors and less chemical preservatives than name brand. Just flip over the back and compare. Of course they have not good stuff as well but the fact that they don’t use artificial colors is essential for our son. Maybe try going first thing on Wednesday morning when they restock. I’ve bought so really amazing products from the Aldi aisle of shame! We don’t have a Publix, Trader Joe’s, or Costco close to us to Aldi it is!

  10. Aldi & Costco Shopping & Grocery Haul! Huge Grocery Haul, Meal Plan, & Aldi Shopping!First Time Back - Dining and Cooking (11)

    @dileber4303 1 week ago

    I love licorice but I am Australian 😂

  11. Aldi & Costco Shopping & Grocery Haul! Huge Grocery Haul, Meal Plan, & Aldi Shopping!First Time Back - Dining and Cooking (12)

    @kimberlybotkin7060 1 week ago

    “You know, I’m not a huge Disney fanatic”


  12. Aldi & Costco Shopping & Grocery Haul! Huge Grocery Haul, Meal Plan, & Aldi Shopping!First Time Back - Dining and Cooking (13)

    @IntheHollerHomesteading 1 week ago

    Aldis………. is owned by one the TRADER JOES brothers…….

  13. Aldi & Costco Shopping & Grocery Haul! Huge Grocery Haul, Meal Plan, & Aldi Shopping!First Time Back - Dining and Cooking (14)

    @Madelinechriston 1 week ago

    Hi Kim! I love your love of food and you are the only one I know that gives me the incentive to cook lately. And I don’t know why, but how come my salad always tastes better when someone else makes it for me? Does anyone else feel that way or am I crazy? Lol❤

  14. Aldi & Costco Shopping & Grocery Haul! Huge Grocery Haul, Meal Plan, & Aldi Shopping!First Time Back - Dining and Cooking (15)

    @wendyomalley6433 1 week ago

    Love your channel! So many wonderful ideas and I actually laugh out loud!

  15. Aldi & Costco Shopping & Grocery Haul! Huge Grocery Haul, Meal Plan, & Aldi Shopping!First Time Back - Dining and Cooking (16)

    @tammyvaladez9957 1 week ago

    Hi Kim, not sure if you know, but Aldis and Traders Joe owners are brothers.

  16. Aldi & Costco Shopping & Grocery Haul! Huge Grocery Haul, Meal Plan, & Aldi Shopping!First Time Back - Dining and Cooking (17)

    @tay4124 1 week ago

    Years ago I HATED the taste of the snacks at Aldi. Now I think I prefer the snacks at Aldi over anywhere else.

  17. Aldi & Costco Shopping & Grocery Haul! Huge Grocery Haul, Meal Plan, & Aldi Shopping!First Time Back - Dining and Cooking (18)

    @mamamlk 1 week ago

    A lot of aldi stuff is actually name brand just in a different box. If you get the ranch from the produce section, it's in an aldi bottle but has a bolthouse cap on it

  18. Aldi & Costco Shopping & Grocery Haul! Huge Grocery Haul, Meal Plan, & Aldi Shopping!First Time Back - Dining and Cooking (19)

    @ericaclark7250 1 week ago

    I was told that Trader Joe and Aldi were owned by the same company. Don't know for sure just heard it recently

  19. Aldi & Costco Shopping & Grocery Haul! Huge Grocery Haul, Meal Plan, & Aldi Shopping!First Time Back - Dining and Cooking (20)

    @danielas. 1 week ago

    I live in Germany and do my shopping at Aldi for 99%.

  20. Aldi & Costco Shopping & Grocery Haul! Huge Grocery Haul, Meal Plan, & Aldi Shopping!First Time Back - Dining and Cooking (21)

    @chrisBou007 1 week ago

    Kim…my Aldi is 10 miles away….so no I don’t go there… you do sourdough…so I’d like to see you do sourdough pizza….looks easy on Utube…& cheaper if ya already have sourdough!! Love y’all! Have a fun summer!!!😊

  21. Aldi & Costco Shopping & Grocery Haul! Huge Grocery Haul, Meal Plan, & Aldi Shopping!First Time Back - Dining and Cooking (22)

    @hollydrizner6243 1 week ago

    Where do you get your recipes and how do you do your binder?

  22. Aldi & Costco Shopping & Grocery Haul! Huge Grocery Haul, Meal Plan, & Aldi Shopping!First Time Back - Dining and Cooking (23)

    @sherrylg2006 1 week ago

    We don’t shop at Aldi often. When we do a charcuterie board we get an assortment of meat and cheese there. They have great options.

  23. Aldi & Costco Shopping & Grocery Haul! Huge Grocery Haul, Meal Plan, & Aldi Shopping!First Time Back - Dining and Cooking (24)

    @patriciagreene5842 1 week ago

    Aldi is hit or miss. Not a big meat fan

  24. Aldi & Costco Shopping & Grocery Haul! Huge Grocery Haul, Meal Plan, & Aldi Shopping!First Time Back - Dining and Cooking (25)

    @chrismalone2431 1 week ago

    Australian licorice is the best Kim… with that being said I must admit I do not enjoy raw meat as well 😂…. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m Australian and we are weird like that… and us also liking Vegemite as well you know.

  25. Aldi & Costco Shopping & Grocery Haul! Huge Grocery Haul, Meal Plan, & Aldi Shopping!First Time Back - Dining and Cooking (26)

    @debbiehekel2871 7 days ago

    I shop at Aldi at least twice a week. I have been shopping at Aldi for almost 20 years.

  26. Aldi & Costco Shopping & Grocery Haul! Huge Grocery Haul, Meal Plan, & Aldi Shopping!First Time Back - Dining and Cooking (27)

    @nancydineen6797 7 days ago

    3 stores in 1 day? You’ve got tons of energy.

  27. Aldi & Costco Shopping & Grocery Haul! Huge Grocery Haul, Meal Plan, & Aldi Shopping!First Time Back - Dining and Cooking (28)

    @debbiehekel2871 7 days ago

    I bought Pace at Costco today. It was on sale. I had not had in a long time. It was so good.

  28. Aldi & Costco Shopping & Grocery Haul! Huge Grocery Haul, Meal Plan, & Aldi Shopping!First Time Back - Dining and Cooking (29)

    @sarynasheppard 5 days ago

    Aldi and Trader Joe's are both owned by the same family.

  29. Aldi & Costco Shopping & Grocery Haul! Huge Grocery Haul, Meal Plan, & Aldi Shopping!First Time Back - Dining and Cooking (30)

    @tinkerbellwiz 4 days ago

    I have those disney cookbooks lol I think I have them all love ❤️ them enjoyed your video 😊 we don't have Aldi I have been in ohio once or twice but I wished they had it here

  30. Aldi & Costco Shopping & Grocery Haul! Huge Grocery Haul, Meal Plan, & Aldi Shopping!First Time Back - Dining and Cooking (31)

    @tammyt6193 4 days ago

    Love Aldis, been shopping there for over 30 years! Great for my budget!

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