‘Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake’ Episodes 3 & 4 Non-Spoiler Review – “Cake The Cat” & “Prismo The Wishmaster” (2024)

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Managing editor & film and television critic with a Bachelor's of Arts in English Literature with a Writing Minor from the University of Guam. Currently in graduate school completing a Master's in English Literature.

Following the two-part series premiere of the Fionna and Cake spin-off, Cartoon Network Studios’ hit animated series,Adventure Time, continues to find its footing in 2020s streaming television. The next two episodes pick up the pace of the overarching plot, and boy, does it pay off!

The series’ third episode is titled, “Cake the Cat”. It is written and storyboarded by Hanna K. Nyström, Anna Syvertsson, Jacob Winkler, Haewon Lee, and Nicole Rodriguez; the story is written by Jack Pendarvis, Kate Tsang, Nyström, Anthony Burch, and Adam Muto.

The fourth episode is titled, “Prismo the Wishmaster”. It is written and storyboarded by Iggy Craig, Graham Falk, Jim Campbell, and Lucyola Langi; the story is written by Pendarvis, Tsang, Nyström, Burch, and Muto.

In this review, I will discussAdam Muto’sAdventure Time: Fionna and CakeSeason 1 Episodes 3 & 4. As the title of this article suggests, there will be no spoilers present here. Prior details from previous episodes in the Adventure Time franchise may be sprinkled here and there. Please read ahead with caution!

‘Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake’ Episodes 3 & 4 Non-Spoiler Review – “Cake The Cat” & “Prismo The Wishmaster” (2)


This week’s release of Fionna and Cake marks a major improvement for the series after the series premiere. On one hand, the pilot established the title characters as the protagonists. Meanwhile, the latter episode brought fans and viewers back to Simon Petrikov (voiced by Tom Kenny), formerly the Ice King. The narrative reminded us of what made Adventure Time such a substance-heavy phenomenal storytelling experience for all audiences. “Cake the Cat” and “Prismo the Wishmaster”, then, double down on the series’ excellence by further uniting these three characters as a means to set Fionna Campbell (voiced by Madeleine Martin), Cake the Cat (voiced by Roz Ryan), and Petrikov forth on their journey… and whatever the end goal might be.

From what I have seen in the next three episodes alone, Fionna and Cake demonstrates the central trio’s combined strength as a group, as compared to when separated. Of course, that is not where we are at just yet. Still, these current two episodes find their footing to re-establish Adventure Time as a merit-worthy Cartoon Network Studios title. Moreover, to extrapolate statements made last week, Fionna and Cake twists and bends the supposed limitations of streaming television that Distant Lands was only starting to understand at the start of HBO Max as a streaming platform.

The animation team gets creative with the adventure fantasy elements. From Finn the Human (voiced by Jeremy Shada) and Jake the Dog (voiced by John DiMaggio) briefly appearing to showcase themselves in action to Cake unintentionally letting loose on a marketplace full of villagers, this isn’t quite your usual kids’ animated programming. There is a certain level of maturity displayed, reminiscent of the later episodes of the Adventure Time franchise.

Have Your Cake

“Cake the Cat” is more or less as great as the previous episode, “Simon Petrikov”. The episode perfectly balances the levity and optimism that Cake radiates with the depression and pessimism that Petrikov holds as a result of his internal conflicts. There may not be as many narrative beats, however, there are still some notable elements that I found worth discussing.

First of all, the writers’ sense of comedy and wonder is actually witty and clever. When we last saw Cake, the cat hopped into a magical portal via an ice cream cart. From there, the misinterpretation between Fionna and the ice cream employee is simple to the point that it does not come off as forced. Cake and Squirrel’s (voiced by Marc Maron) dynamic adds that layer of fantasy to juxtapose with the reality in which the title characters supposedly reside. These two animal characters have a few neat moments of friendliness. Yet, my favorite is the final one they have as an anthropomorphic duo.

Secondly, the musical number involving Cake can be catchy. Rebecca Sugar is a remarkable songwriter for Fionna and Cake‘s soundtrack, and it seems that the screenwriters aim to go all out in presenting a special narrative for the younger viewers, older ones, and those in between. Unfortunately, I am not too keen on the musical number being briefly interrupted by a scene of Petrikov and the Evil Choose Goose (voiced by Jeff Bennett). Personally, this could have easily been changed somehow so as to not cut off the song and continue soon after.

The Spectrum of Space and Time

Fionna and Cake‘s animation is extravagant, especially when it comes down to the storyboard artists’ guidance of the characters from one point to another and onto the next. “Prismo the Wishmaster” is a perfect example of the series traversing beat by beat, even though the journey has not necessarily begun. In this episode, the titular Prismo (voiced by Sean Rohani) reveals a good amount about the human and her cat and how they are related to Petrikov. It is unfortunate for fans to discover that Kumail Nanjiani could not return to the voice role of Prismo himself. However, that is neither the fault of the animation team nor of the voice casting team. Hopefully, he can still be invited to return in some fashion.

so Prismo's original actor wont be back. He wanted the role back, but he thought they didnt want him back.

Turned out the the Adventure Time team reached out to his reps to ask for him back, and they told them no, and Kumail Nanjiani was never told they wanted him back😬 https://t.co/QjZogsygqC pic.twitter.com/qM0qR1298U

— 🍁 Toon Brains 🦇 (@Cartoonbrains) September 6, 2023

While I cannot say too much about the revelations in this episode, I have been informed by press relations representatives that they are one of two major spoilers for the series. (Because of this, I will be discussing such revelations in a later review article.) Conversely, what Fionna and Cake do with this information is momentarily thrilling. There is one sequence of frames that I found captivating. It plays out like a tracking shot of the characters being followed by a camera then transitioning back to a scene centered on Prismo.

The Proof Is in the Pudding Details Are in the Cake

Ultimately, what I enjoyed about this fourth episode is its ability to resume world-building, subtly akin to what Marvel has been trying to do with its cinematic universe and the Spider-Verse. The few Easter Eggs seen in the episode are enough for me to mark it as the best of the first four thus far. In two instances, the animation team gives us glimpses of a few Distant Lands characters. The world-building leaves open some room for questions, e.g., what is Fionna and Cake‘s place in the Adventure Time timeline? And just who is above Prismo in the food chain? The animators also pay homage to a past Cartoon Network Studios title (or tease a possibility of its return in some manner), much like with Close Enough.

The introduction of Scarab as the series’ primary antagonist—at least, for the fourth and following few episodes—is intriguing. Their first scene reminds me of Boba Fett or the Mandalorian, even, though Fionna and Cake‘s depiction of the character sparks the thrill of the adventure. I can appreciate the fact that the character is portrayed by a trans voice actor, who has done phenomenal work in this episode alone. As an antagonist, the character is not as terrifying as, say, that of Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai‘s antagonist. However, there is something about Scarab that at least induces anxiety in me, along with one jump scare at minimum. If epic narratives like Adventure Time and Star Wars taught me anything, it’s that there just might be another antagonist behind it all, but who knows?

‘Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake’ Episodes 3 & 4 Non-Spoiler Review – “Cake The Cat” & “Prismo The Wishmaster” (3)

The Crew BehindAdventure Time: Fionna and Cake

Adventure Time: Fionna and Cakeis developed by Adam Muto. It is based on the animated series,Adventure Time, created by Pendleton Ward. Additional development is credited to Hanna K. Nyström, Kate Tsang, and Jack Pendarvis (Summer Camp Island).

Chul-hee Han and Hyun-ha Jin are the animation directors behind the third episode. Yusung Kim is the animation director for the following episode.

Pendarvis serves as the series’ story editor, while Tsang is the staff writer. Nyström also serves as a writer. Robert Alvarez (Dexter’s Laboratory,The Powerpuff Girls,Dave the Barbarian,Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends,Chowder,Generator Rex,Regular Show,Samurai Jack,Close Enough) is the supervising animation director.

Danny Ducker (Craig of the Creek,We Bare Bears) and Nick Edwards (Steven Universe,Adventure Time,Summer Camp Island) serve as storyboard supervisors for the third episode. Ducker also supervises the fourth episode. Jackie Files (Solar Opposites), Dorian Scar, and Sophie Yanow serve as storyboard revisionists. OriginalFionna and Cakecharacter designs are credited to Natasha Allegri.

Will Torbett is the animatic editor for both the third and fourth episodes, and is joined by Edgar Cheung on the latter. Sarah Noonan (The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius,Avatar: The Last Airbender,The Legend of Korra,Young Justice) and Alden Osborne are the voice casting directors.

Paul Douglas is the supervising editor, while Carrie Owens is the assistant editor.

Amanda Jones composed the music for the series. Alex Borquez and Nick Gotten are the supervising sound editors, while Scott Manke is the sound editor.

The Voice Cast BehindAdventure Time: Fionna and Cake

Madeleine Martin and Roz Ryan voice the spin-off’s protagonists, Fionna Campbell and Cake the Cat, respectively. Tom Kenny voices Simon Petrikov, the main male protagonist of the series. Kenny also voices Ice Thing and Ice King.

Sean Rohani voices Prismo the Wishmaster. Rohani also voices a burger in the third episode and two other Prismos in the fourth episode.

Donald Glover (Atlanta) voices Marshall Lee, while Andrew Rannells voices Gary Prince. Pendleton Ward voices Ellis P., a Lumpy Space Princess (LSP) variant in the Fionna and Cake universe. Ward also voices Old Man Cake and a nerdy alien voice.

Jeremy Shada and John DiMaggio briefly appear as Finn the Human and Jake the Dog, protagonists of the original Adventure Time series. Shada also voices a woodpecker and a coffee guy.

Marc Maron voices a squirrel whom Cake meets on her journey through Ooo. Jeff Bennett voices the Evil Choose Goose, while Audrey Bennett voices Astrid, a fan of the Fionna and Cake stories.

Phil LaMarr (Samurai Jack,Static Shock,Futurama,Family Guy,Central Park,Craig of the Creek)voices Dog Cake, Nightmare Cake, and a Beard Guy.

Additional voices in the third episode include Dee Bradley Baker (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3,Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai), Maria Bamford, Jeff Bennett, Jim J. Cummings, Grey DeLisle, Sharon Horgan, and Marc Maron.

Episode 4

Felicia Day voices Betty, Simon Petrikov’s late partner in the post-apocalypse. Kayleigh McKee voices Scarab, the series’ main antagonist.

Andy Daly voices Kheirosiphon and Wyatt. Jinkx Monsoon voices Normulon—a Gray Human (see Distant Lands Part I: “BMO”)—and Lemongrab.

Audrey Bennett briefly appears as the voice of Astrid.

‘Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake’ Episodes 3 & 4 Non-Spoiler Review – “Cake The Cat” & “Prismo The Wishmaster” (4)
Performances and Character Developments

Frankly, Marc Maron’s role as Squirrel in the “Cake the Cat” episode is a surprise. From my experience, it is not often that I get to see this specific actor do voice work. Next to Astrid (voiced by Audrey Bennett), Squirrel is one of the friendliest new characters that the Land of Ooo has given fans some time to know. He is pleasant company, a resourceful member of this fantastical society, and somehow possesses the voice of Marc Maron. Yet, something about him may be too nice… Is that acceptable, or is it right to have some skepticism?

Suffice it to say, Tom Kenny’s Simon Petrikov heavily deals with internal conflicts in these first few episodes. The character still clings to the past, and it is for this reason that he refuses to move forward, literally and metaphorically. Of course, when it comes to being a member of Fionna and Cake’s little group, there might be an opportunity for redemption. I love the character arc that the writers and animators are building up to, although I am unsure as to what psychological effect that could have on him.

Final Thoughts onAdventure Time: Fionna and CakeEpisodes 3 & 4

This second batch of Fionna and Cake episodes up the ante in terms of keeping up with the cross-genre narrative. As the liminal period for the series, they are better than the pilot but are nowhere as perfect as what the following few episodes have in store for viewers. For now, everything that we are seeing confirms that this is worth the watch. It is sufficient for the series to suggest that it is greater when the central three characters are together, and so far, this second batch has been a transformational spectacle. If the fourth episode is enough to prove that, then you best prepare for the remainder of the series!

Adventure Time: Fionna and Cakeis now streaming via Max, formerly HBO Max!

Have you seenthe series yet? If so, then what are your thoughts on it so far? Let us know! For moreaction, adventure, animation, comedy, fantasy, and science-fiction-related news and reviews, do not forget to followThe Cinema SpotonFacebook,Twitter, andInstagram!

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‘Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake’ Episodes 3 & 4 Non-Spoiler Review – “Cake The Cat” & “Prismo The Wishmaster” (5)

John Daniel Tangalin

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Managing editor & film and television critic with a Bachelor's of Arts in English Literature with a Writing Minor from the University of Guam. Currently in graduate school completing a Master's in English Literature.

‘Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake’ Episodes 3 & 4 Non-Spoiler Review – “Cake The Cat” & “Prismo The Wishmaster” (2024)
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